Bling Bling Galore

Tacky title, I know--so kill me. Lol. Anyway, this post is about the recent event I've been to--SM Accessories launch. Truth be told, I didn't really think the event would be hardcore. I just visualized a private cocktail party (just like any other event). Boy was I wrong. It all started in Megamall.

The SM team was kind enough to provide a service for bloggers. When they said service, I didn't really think Jam Liner Free Wi-Fi humongous bus. Thank you SM. I feel so special! To all my blogger friends, you missed half of your life! Haha.

with mah girl Aie!:)

It was too bad that we were the only 2 people who rode that bus. The rain kinda screwed things. Hehe. So when we got to One Esplanade MOA I was surprised with what I saw...

cameras galore, celebrities, gourmet food, a private fashion show. Bongga.

So after grabbing something to eat and chitchatting with other bloggers, we finally went inside the tent for the fashion show. :)

SM Accessories creative head giving a remarkable opening speech

Ria Bolivar opened the show --hair accs anyone? hehe (photo courtesy of Stylebible)

the cap man or cap stand? hehe

love the all white/all black clothing to emphasize the accessories more.

i'm a huge fan of this skirt made of scarves! galing lng.

jessica and her heavy hair clips

men and women in black? 

hello handsome. Hehe! bumblebee, batman and ironman makes an appearance. Angyare?

 it's for the kids accs segment of the show pala. so cute:)

i think i love you na sam concepcion.hehe
sam pinto & baron geisler
ava, aie, vern, tin

lovely seatmates. we were just laughing the whole time. hehe

and another one. 

this time with ana and krissy.

now with liz and someone from business mirror:)

para-paraan = self timer. Haha. PR Tinnie Esguerra on my right! Thanks sir!

with mah girl vern

with mah bidang payong. lol. it was raining cats & dogs so they gave away free umbrellas after the show.

thank you Stylebible for my one and only outfit shot. Haha.

It truly was a great event. Well thought of and well prepared! They didn't come short of PR and they really went all out with the muses. It felt like fashion week all over again. Hehe. Bravo & congrats SM!:)

And here's what I got myself with my GC...

cute tribal scarf (P249), belts, black tights, polka socks & cute bowtie!

Have a great week everyone! Can't wait for fridayyyyy--hello SG!:)


  1. I like your tye dye dress1 Where is it from?

  2. so cute, like a super stylish field trip! love your dress pax! :)

  3. yes, selos much! looks like i really missed a LOT. pak ang saya neto babes! and you got freebies pa! and free wifi sa bus! naks! i must plan that move very very soon na. oh and bat wala sina melai and kookie?


  4. cute nyo ni Aie sa bus sis haha!

    enjoy SG again this time! will miss u -charles

  5. i'm drooling over the scarves.. that would be pretty to use as hijab! thanks for this post.. i'm going to check out sm dep.store

  6. You should've invited me Aisa para 3 tayo sa bus!!! LoL...

    that was indeed a very big event. You've got fab items!

    Love love love your dress! Very Stylebible worthy=D

  7. aww you and aie look so chic and cute :)

  8. aalog alog tayo sa bus tey! I had so much fun! sana maulit and next time madaming sumama para field trip ito! lol!

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  10. You look incredible! Love the bold colours, defiantly the shoes, x


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