Esprit + FASH

The first event I went to last Friday was Esprit Megamall's launching. It was a pretty fun and intimate event. Thanks Tin and Aie for being there!:) We weren't able to style anymore coz the program was cut short due to Rhian Ramos' schedule. Bummer. At least I still had my free Esprit shirt which I now love so much. Heh.

catered by Red Kimono
Rhian is so pretty and funny in person:)
Rhian with the fabulous owner of Esprit
with my beb Tin and Esprit's marketing peeps and models:)
spot where Ara Mina is. hahaha
with mah girl Aie:)
aie's pick!

After Esprit,we then ran to 7th High at the Fort to attend FASH's launching. We were the 1st 4 people there (Aie, her bf Allan, ne and Vern) so we did a lot of catching up. Hehe.

F.A.S.H is the ultimate style program that brings together all facets of fashion - from designers to image makers to products and services fresh out of the box - and brings them all together in an ultra stylish yet fashionably accessible show that wll give you all the tools to live your life in the most fab way possible."  Watch it every thursday 10:30pm on the Lifestyle Network:)
with Penshoppe's marketing guru Rocel Roque:)

with vern, reg, donna, aie and tatie
with my savior and ever reliable styling assistant Tatie. 

so funny--allan and mich ehehe

I was dead beat tired when I got home but it was all worth it. I was able to meet amazing new people plus I got to bond with my girls!:)  More posts tomorrow but for now I want to leave you with a sounding (with bells ringing)-- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU MOMS OUT THERE! Hugs.:)

P.S. Will post my big blog giveaway on Monday! Watch out for it!:)


  1. aha mukang kilig na kilig si Allan ahhh! chos! =) pa steal ng pics sa esprit beb!

  2. rhian looks so tall in photos and those mile high legs!

    happy mother's day to your mom, aisa! :)

  3. Everyone looked so fab at the event! Loved the leopard print and Jessica Simpson's platforms look, Do not shop on Eprit too often but sure they have great pieces!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  4. Happy mother's day to your mom paxie :) and i'm excited for the return of FASH in lifestyle network!

  5. wow! i saw rhian ramos once and she's pretty.. :) love your blog aisa.. ;) followed you.. by the way, i can't wait for the bloggers united shopping affair! will definitely be there!!! ;)

    hope u could visit my blog too.. ;)


  6. Hey there! Nice to finally drop by your blog! Awesome photos and outfits, as usual! Drop my blog too (I finally made one hehe). Following! :)



  7. wahaha! Ms. Aisa can't find where Ara Mina is :(

  8. looks like such a great event! they have some nice items! and loving you outfit! xxo


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