Back to School with MANELS

 It's that time of the year again when you're in search for the perfect black school shoes! (Been there done that hehe). And with all the brands lining up the mall, here are some reasons why you should choose Manels--as you've always had.

The Darker Side of Black: Manels Rocks to School

Manels Leathergoods, the country's pioneer brand in leather, heads into the Back-to-School season with its campaign entitled “Black Rockin' School”. “We want to bring the sexy back into black” says Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels. The Manels “Black Rockin' School” collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-type finish, and casual loafers for the men. For the ladies, modern mary janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection. “The Black Rockin' School collection has a little bit of something for the rebel in each of us” says Siggaoat. While the brand continues to carry its comfort staples and classic school shoes, the campaign takes a fresh angle into the Back-to-School season by giving style-conscious students a chance to “strut their styles” into the hallways this season.

Leather remains at the core of the brand's collection and campaign. Visibly, the store's look for the season takes its cue from vintage 70's punk rock. “We were inspired by that rugged black leather jacket look from the 70's popularized by The Ramones” says Siggaoat. Manels continues to reinvent itself in staying at the forefront of leather footwear since its inception in 1964.

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila malls. Checkout their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Manelsleathergoods or through Twitter via @marksig_manels.

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  1. i'm in love with the first bag :)!!!

  2. oh wow! i used to wear shoes like these when i was a kid in grade and high school pero i never thought ganito na kaganda ang manels ngayon..i like the bag! looks very roomy! anyway i really enjoy reading your blog noon pa pero i just started blogging more than a month ago pa lang..hope you can visit my site sometimes..muah!

  3. What about searching for black shoes for work! lol

    Live Life in Style

  4. My sister and I used to buy our school shoes from Manel's during our high school and college days. :)

    New follower here! Hope you can follow me back. Thanks! :)


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