This Socks.

Was so busy last week doing last minute pullouts for a fashion show I styled together with Argie Salango (will blog about that soon). I want to thank the amazing fab girls who assisted us--Tatie, Ana, Melai, Celine and Kim. :)

top & shorts - thrifted, socks-Forever 21, shoes-chickflick, necklace-rob depstore

I will announce the PENSHOPPE giveaway winners tomorrow night. Sorry for the delay. I'm having a crazy week. By the way girls, the Ichigo giveaway ended a week ago (getting some comments asking if it already ended). I announced it here, on twitter and my FB page. Please read my blog and facebook page for updates. Hope you're not just adding me to join and try to win. Let's be fair to those who really take the time to read my blog. Just sayin'. :)

P.S. RIP AJ Perez. :( So sad.


  1. good morning, aisa!

    so sad to hear about aj perez. :( so young to die but on the other side of the pond, you're such a wonder woman.

    always busy and stylish at the same time. :)

    love the green socks and the necklace. have a happy sunday!

  2. Oh wow I so love this look :D Great shorts and that necklace is so lovely! :D

  3. omg. i know... he's sooo young. so sad nga.

  4. great blog!! You are beautifull!!!

  5. i just heard the news on aj's death.. what a tragic way to die :(

    anyway, cute pop of color on your socks ;D

  6. the famous ROOFTOP! hahaha sabi ko sayo palit palitan mo ung nakasampay para iba iba color ng background mo!

  7. The necklace! I love it talaga! I love the whole look! It's you already really! lol!

  8. Wow, you are so beautiful!!! I simp y adore yor outfit! I am now following, of course! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  9. close-up view naman ng necklace..it looks delish! <3

    ps. hahaha, so funny you emphasized "read my blog"...so true though about people joining giveaways without actually reading the content. LOL.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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