I heart Human Nature

There are just a few blogger events that I personally love. For me, a good event is when history or social awareness is mixed with a fun and fabulous program. One example is the Freeway event last year when they launched their Ramon Valera line. The Human Nature private event I went to last week is my latest favorite. Aside from the fact that it was held  at the Heritage Library in Makati, they also started the presentation with a prayer and singing the national anthem! But first, what I wore...

 shirt-thrifted, leggings-Forever 21, shoes-chickflick, bag-H&M, necklace- Flatterbuy

national anthem
Human Nature is a social enterprise. They are pro-philippines, pro-poor, pro-environment. Nicee.
I was really listening intently the whole time coz the stories told were really inspiring. I was literally smiling all the way and constantly saying "cool" and "wow". Hehe. Human Nature was founded by sisters Anna & Camille Meloto. Their dad is the founder of Gawad Kalinga. So it was only natural that they would come up with something equally amazing. The name Human Nature means "humans loving nature and nature loving them back". It was food for the soul knowing they've helped a lot of communities all over the Philippines especially farmers since they're the ones who supplies their raw materials. This is a good way to promote patriotism and self-worth as they continue improving the lives of different communities. Bravo. :)

their new products--deodorant...
...and feminine wash:) 

I'm currently using these products and they really work. They are mild and are effective. I'm planning to try their day and night moisturizer soon. :)

Human Nature co-founder--Camille Meloto
i was the only one in our "fashion blogger" group who was there. But the others were lovely nonetheless.:)
Mandi Garcia
So glad to see Bea! (Alex's sister)

After the event, I felt super light and more inspired. I want be more involved in helping others and build communities too! As I've said, one life at a time. :) Let's support Human Nature--after all it is for a good cause AND they amazing and affordable products too. Gooow!

 You can order directly from their website.:)

After the event I met up with Mich for a late dinner. I'm now addicted to Fuzion's Peach Lychee shake!

I'm addicted to Pesto too. Heee. But this one is not really my fave, it tastes bland. Sorry.

That's it! More posts tomorrow. Trying to lessen my backlogs. Hehe. Love you guys!

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  1. Grabe, I love this event as well because I believe in the product, its social relevance and I love the venue. Hihihi! Nice to see you there!

  2. the shirt is such a great find! love it! :)


  3. I actually use Human Nature! I have their body wash and beauty oil, while my dad and brother use the shaving oil :)

    I love their products and cause :)
    Wish I was there to hear their stories too!

  4. Hi Aisa, I featured you in my blog! http://iamjillyace.blogspot.com/2011/04/sheerness-maxi.html

  5. all the food made me all hungry.

    you have a fashionable way of helping mother earth.

  6. love the tassel necklace!

  7. ganda mo teh! super like ko outfit shots! di ka na nakatungo lagi! yey lovely! :*

  8. This post makes me wanna try their products!!!:)

  9. heard so much about them! and wow mura nga! hope they're available in supermarkets :D


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