Forever ETC.

That's my lame attempt to come up with a good title for 2 events that I'm blogging about. Lol. Whatever. Anyway, here are some photos from the recent Forever 21 Makati opening! Starting off with what I wore...

cape-thrifted, dress-thrifted, shoes-chickflick, bag-ebay

F21 brand ambassadors with Ms. Jane
fab Preview team!
nicole & honey
with my beb Ana
with my ever reliable styling assistant Tatie whom I love!:)
dramatic meetup of me and THE David Guison. Yeees. Hehe!
i finally got the chance to meet you!:)
thanks Ms. Athena and Kathy of SM for this...
...especially this. :) Excited to buy something!

Last Monday, I also had the chance to attend ETC's big switch (apparently to RPN-9) event at A.Venue Makati. Aie asked me to come since it would also serve as a mini meetup/meeting between me and ETC's Kate Ocampo (her friend). Kate is the kind soul who'll help us promote the Bloggers Bazaar, and she's gonna cover the event!!! How cool is that?  Anyway, we got to enjoy some good food and good looking people. Haha.

will have the smaller version of the light box on the event:)
my girl crushes are dj-ing!

ronald pasion from my eastpak styling gig-- and he said hi to me! :)

me, aie and my bangs. lol

Most  of my favorite shows/series are shown by ETC. So I went loco over the booths!!! Gaaah. I especially love the Gossip Girl cupcakes! Yumyum. I also hoarded some pins. Heee. Also found out recently that they're gonna air Bob's Burger (my new favorite cartoon--it's like the simpsons meets beavis&butthead meets Daria hehe) on May! Yey!!!:)

hello tyra bangs! haha. ANTM booth.

at school with Aria--chos! lol. At the Pretty Little Liars booth.

waiting for barney. hehe! at the how i met your mother booth. Love the bar ha!

aie, kate, me

discussed about the Bloggers event outside.:)

Weee loot bags!:) After this shot, Kate had us interviewed on camera! Waaah! Stage fright, lol.

top-thrifted, blazer-thailand, shorts-F21, boots-chickflick, bag-landmark

Wanna know what's inside the bag?
Gorgeous laptop bags for me and mich. :) Anyway, I'm so glad I'm slowly starting to catch up with my posts. Goodbye backlogs--soon!

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Thank you so much:)


  1. Love the blue jacket, and yellow dress, is dorable with blazer!!! I don´t know who is inside of the bag pink or blue also, Loooove pink better!!! Kises

  2. lovet! sayang hindi ako nakainom sa "mclarens"! :D hahaha :D

  3. you so firece on that runway booth from antm!

  4. in love with you cape!! *sigh

  5. i loooove the etc booths! ang saya! haha! oh and i love your blue jacket with the big lapels! :)

  6. dapat sasabihin ko uy akin nalang yung isa! nag-gaganyan ba si mich? hahaha :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. wow ang nice naman! that cape is such a must-have plus it's thrifted! such a great find.:)

    i'm always here in your blog lurking but just too lazy to comment. hehe bad me. i'm always in awe with your every outfit post.:)


  8. i love the way you carry yourself.

  9. hi ms. aisa,

    have you seen this? http://www.weardrobe.com/
    on color blocking outfit


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