Blog Love: Mis Papelicos

I seldom feature people/bloggers on my blog but this time I made an exception. :) Lovely readers, meet Sacramento. She's a mother of 2, someone who bakes her own bread, a vegetarian, writes nutrition guides for their local magazine and so much loves fashion as much as we do. From Manila to Mexico with love. ;)

Here are excerpts from her features all over the web...Get to know her by reading her interviews below:

1. How do you feel age affects fashion?
To me age is just a number, and shouldn't´t affect your own style at all.

2. What is your style advice for older women stuck in a rut?
-Get rid of the comfy pants and t-shirt, they are a deadly trap…
-Look at yourself in the mirror, cherish the way you look, and build from there.
- Be daring rather than boring.-
-Every woman knows what suits her and what type of clothes makes her feel wonderful. Most of the time, they cannot be bothered.-
-It is never too late to find your own style. Look deep within and let it come out freely.

3. Can you share any of your style secrets?
I always dress for myself, and to inspire those who cross my path.

4. I would like to think that my style is quirky rather than smart; with the knowledge to distinguish the thin line between quirky and clown.

5. Sacramento in her own words:
I am An English- Spanish teacher and Nutritionist who has been madly in love with fashion all her life.I see fashion as a means of self expression through clothes. I have been keeping notes and cut-outs in notebooks, (that´s why the name of my blog: MIS PAPELICOS - my little papers or cut-outs) for as long as I can remember. Last 7Th of April , I decided to go a step forward by starting my own blog.

*from Advanced Style

Thanks for inspiring us Sacramento! Say hi to her, head over to her blog Mis Papelicos:) 

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  1. Great post! I admire people like this woman so much! Everybody should think like her


  2. Oh wow! She totally rocks! Love her! :)

  3. omygod I wish she was my grandma! So fab and fierce ni mother

  4. Wow, she's such an interesting person. Thanks for featuring her! :D

  5. I wanna be as her when i Grow up, love her is awsome!!!


  6. I LOVE HERRR.gusto ko pag, tanda ko, ganyan parin ako ka-fasyon! hahah

    btw i opened my new blog na!
    FASCHE.org :D

  7. ohmygasssh!!! FABULOOUS!! now im goin to follow her na!! <3 <3

  8. cool! She's the one already! Translation: sha na!

  9. OMG this lola just kicked all of our asses!

  10. oh i love her. thanks for sharing.


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