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Warning: Ramblings. Text heavy. Lol.

I love you March. I love my short hiatus from everything. Now, I'm back in the ballgame. April is gonna be a busy month! As well as May (hello fashion week!). But before I plunge into the busy world again, I just want to share with you guys what's keeping me excited these past weeks. As I've told others--at par with fashion--my other love is traveling. I love discovering new places, new cultures, new food--it's really what breaks my bank more than anything (even shopping). I occasionally get random emails from readers asking for tips and suggestions on certain places. It excites me so much that sometimes I get carried away and I always end up sending novel long responses. Lol. I'm glad they appreciate it eveytime. Hee. 

Anyway, it's also a bonus that I've found a partner who loves it as much as I do. I'm glad she understands when I go into a planning trance. I could spend days just looking for the perfect hotel. I'm nuts like that. So where's our next destination? Singapura! :)  

I'm now halfway done with our itinerary (i hate getting lost it's such a waste of precious time). 

 my itinerary
My reference--the itinerary my girl bestfriend sent me. complete with budget! wowsa.

Our rule is--the first time should be planned and the second should be spent getting lost. This is Mich's first so I'm planning. Yey. :P I literally spent 3 days searching the net for the cheapest and nicest hotel. From like a hundred I managed to trim it down to 5. Such a feat! I then ran it through with Mich so she could choose. It's funny how she gets dizzy choosing from 5 when I had to go through a hundred! What's even funnier is that from all the hotels we still ended up booking Hangout@Mt.Emily. Booo. I was trying to stir away--well not totally stir way but I just placed it on the bottom of my list--from that hotel because Ive been there before with "another person" (as in ex haha). Not to mention it requires a little exercise coz it's  literally on top of a hilll. I'm not sure if I broke any ex handbook rules but I don't care (well Mich doesn't mind either) coz it's the best, most affordable (with free breakfast) & most accessible place I could find! Haha. I can't hardly wait.

We will be staying at The Inncrowd Backpackers Inn on our 1st night. We thought its a good way to save a little since we'll be arriving at around 10pm. I've always wanted to try staying in a backpackers inn, they said it's a lot of fun!:) Just wish me luck on the shared bathroom though.

small but cute

 booked for the double room.

Then we'll be transferring to Hangout@Mt.Emily the next day (yey)..

Here are some photos from my trip last 2007 as well some poor wardrobe choices. Lol. 
 with friend ervin

Mt.Emily at night.
 roof garden at night
the park, shortcut downhill.
 nearest mrt station (5 mins walk)
a walk along orchard
 it was super hot thus the squinting. hehe.
 clark quay
favorite wall.

I hope this post helps some of you who's also planning to go there. I can't wait for May. Pls. come quickly!!! Can't wait to take new photos and make new memories. :) For the meantime, I need to sleep--have to go to the Chocolate Clothing event later. Have a great Tuesday everyone:)


  1. Surprisingly, your itinerary leaves a lot of breathing room despite its busy-ness. :D I love Singapore! :D

  2. ex handbook? lol! i give you permission to stay at the same hotel at all the places we've been if we ever break up. it's called "x" for a reason. i'm over it if you're over it. simple :)

    excited na!! :D

  3. ang saya mo teh :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. wow, i was really impressed with that itinerary. whoever did that was really anal! i might keep a copy of it and use it for further reference! lol :) was in singapore for a total of about 4 months some years back, i got lost by myself, took the bus on th wrong side of the road and just rode it back to orchard but I rached as far as the piers! i stayed in Negara Hotel after a few days, I moved to a friend's place in Tampines. :)

  5. Ooh, have fun! Go shopping at Haji Lane. I think you'll have a blast checking out the stuff there. Also try to see the MINT Toy Museum and the National Museum, if you're into that sort of thing. :)

  6. Mukha ka pang neneng dito! Haha! I actually like the photo where you're squinting. You look pretty! Buti ka pa makaka-Singapura. Ako never pa. Hay, when kaya.


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