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I should really hire a title maker (what???). Lol. I'm running out of catchy, nice titles for my posts. Ugh. Anyway, I'm posting this as a breather for all my backlogged events/sponsored posts. Heee.  Beware: this post will be totally incoherent (as in I'll just write whatever pops in my head). 

1. So I got a nice package from Fabmanila last week and I'm so excited to show them to you guys! :) No, they're not all bags but I did get one--and I loved it as usual. Here's me wearing it to our weekend family trip at Casa Ibiza (which I'll blog about soon).

messenger bag-c/o Fabmanila, top-topshop, cardigan-Forever21, shorts-archive, shoes-Landmark

Visit Fabmanila's website if you wanna order this Talia bag. It's available in 3 colors! Goooow!:)

2. Visited my sister and she brought out her new bills given by my dad. Such a show off. Heee. :P My dad also gave her an old P10 bill from the Marcos regime. Anyone who wants to buy their own bill? You can , just PM me. :) Fun fact: My dad said that the printing of the new bills were wrong coz Noynoy's signature was cut or shortened. La lng. Haha.

3. I accomplished a lot today! Yey. I checked out a new location for the upcoming bloggers bazaar (we had a problem with the scheduling with The Grove, so...). But the new place is more private and still nice. :) I also pulled out from What a Girl Wants for our Manila Bulletin shoot on Sunday. Pressure. AND, finally picked up my lootbag from Maybelline, redeemed my Cashcashpinoy The Sandwich Guy voucher & watched I am Number Four (cool movie). :)

comes with 2 free drinks all for P199!:)

us and the bidang bag:)

i'm not a fan of lipsticks--coz my lips are destroyed--but this one from maybelline (coral sunrise) is nice:)
Mich and her whatever face eating icecream at Cerealicious.
4. I finally got my shoes from Chickflick, my custom made oxfords and bought accs from Galleria!:)

so much prettier in person:)

metallic gold and black suede:) (preorder for this is open again-go to Archive)

bracelet from 50th ave-P150, necklace from rob depstore P185:)

5. I got featured on Modcloth's blog. Yipee! And was on Enstyle's hall of fame:) Huwaw. Thanks so much.

That's it for now! Have a lot to post (had a crazy 2 weeks!) so I hope you're not yet bored with me. Hehe. Have a great week loves!:)


  1. i want all the stuff you got!!:) and the bidang bag is bongga!

  2. haha you can shuffle your songs and you can still make a title out of it. :D

  3. love al your new stuff!! and those shorts you have on are so adorable!!!

  4. love all your new stuff!! and those shorts are so adorable!!!!

  5. Drooling all over your wonderful bags, shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Hey sweetie!! Look at all the fun shoes you got. Lucky gal. :) I like the shorts in your first outfit.. the pockets look fun. Well, I hope you're doing fabulously!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. i lurve the bag sis! and I am excited about the blogger's bazaar! :)

  8. yey next blogger bazaar!! :) btw.. you made my day when you followed me on twitter(kht wala ketch pinopost doon.. hahaha ^_^)

  9. yummy the sandwich guy noh! :) love the shoes aisa!

  10. congratulations on the features! been thinking of getting those blue booties from chickflick too but the weather's been stopping me, it's so hot na kse but i really like their color :)

  11. i love ur shorts casual outfit! what i miss most about manila! u can wear just about anything!!!

  12. Ahh that's the blue wedge I was eying for from f-stop. I love the bidang bag and the necklace too! =)

    Oh and thanks for taking care of the bloggers closet! It means a lot to all of us. =)

  13. I love both of your bags! And your accessories, i love them all but it's only the bangles that I can wear. ;-)

  14. love all your stuff!! :)

  15. i love your new shoes and bag! they're really awesome!! <3


  16. I love your shorts. Such a great blog!!


  17. Love your style so much!
    Great blog, follow you:)


  18. Paxie,I'm from Bacolod. How come some of the shoes you purchased are not listed on their website? And I think you got yours na mas cheaper ang price =(


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