Lost and Found

We all met in UST year 2000, a little lost, confused, anxious of what lies ahead. We were just freshmen who were trying to fit in, adjust, make something of ourselves. Fast forward to now, 11 years later, we're all still friends. Of course, it's impossible for us to all just stay in one place and do the same things. In short, we all grew older, we all grew up, and we all made something of ourselves. But we could never deny the fact that we still have that "freshman" in each one of us. My girlfriend Tin is back from Dubai after 3 years for a vacation. What better way to welcome her than to reminisce, catch up and get a little wild. Lol. Thanks Mich for the me time. :)

 ariel, me, tin:)
1/4 of the whole group. we're more than 25 in the barkada!

our amboy Rj. we also worked for the same company last year:)

on the phone with one of my best girlfriend Sheila who's now in canada. we miss you girl:(

ended the night playing pool. 

These are the people who humbles me. Simple joys. I miss. :)


  1. good friends can bring us all down to earth.

  2. hey lovey, thanks for following my blog! been a follower of your blog for as loooong as i can imagine! keep it up! :)

  3. Wow you're 27? I thought you were way younger. Are you planning on settling down soon or that's not really your thing?


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