Backlog: CubaoX + Parisian Shoot

Okay, now I'm done with my major shoots I finally have the time to finally update my blog! I also have tons of photos to edit so expect posts one after another.Yeeey. Here's the 1st one--a blogger's night out and a shoot I did with the BNS team for a dashing debutante. :)

my 1 and only outfit post, heee. all thrifted except shoes: cotton on:)

blogger love at greenbelt:) with Krissy, Ana, Honey and Cathy

cutie athan!:)

Ana my loves! hehe

bloggers at CubaoX:) my first time to attend Meiday!


It was super hot so we decided to just chill at Alan's grill. We had some good laughs, good drinks and good food!:)

C3 addicts. with Aie and Reg!

We had such a great time that we've already planned our next meet-up/event. Heee. The next day I styled for a shoot with my BNS family. :)

 2 of my favorite peeps--Mich and Benjo!

another favorite Darz (hi darz haha) with the client:)

make-up prep.

fix fix

sorry i just had to share--too funny! Hehe:) Vil was trying to get out of the frame.

I had to come up with the rest of the sets/looks in like under 10 minutes. I wasn't able to use the sets I prepared because there had been a misunderstanding with the concept. Turns out that the debutant's mom had something different in mind. They asked for Parisian chic as the theme but wanted to do Victoria Beckham. Umm, kay. Good thing I have Darz who helped me through. :) They were also super brand/designer conscious so I wasn't able to use the things I brought. I covet their bags though--and the fendi black pumps (3rd photo below)! I die.

I swear the shoot looked like an ad campaign especially when the debutant's siblings joined her in the photo (styled them too--also impromptu). They were all wearing designer pieces I wanted to kidnap them. I kid, I kid. Heee. Can't wait to see the final photos!:) After the shoot we treated ourselves to some great food...

@creampuff heaven (forgot the name of the store)


haggarda versoza. on the phone pa with jear!


And here's an outfit shot from not too long ago. Haha. Photos by Mark Desanandres, an FIP photog student, during our Manila Bulletin shoot last month which was perfect coz I was too busy to take a decent outfit shot that day!. :)

dress & jacket - thrifted, boots-ebay, earrings-aldo, clutch-custom made

More posts coming right up! Hope you don't get tired reading them. :)

P.S. Mark your calendars!


  1. U look amazing-such a pretty dress. Very interesting blog! Regards :*

  2. Lovely looks!


  3. amazing look, i really want all this pictures!


  4. Hi Pax! I love your outfit for the first photo. By the way, congrats for your feature in Meg Magazine together with Alexa and JL. Keep it up! And looking forward to meet you too someday!


  5. Wee, Cubao X! For some reason, kinilig ako sa post na ito. Hahaha!

  6. napapagod ako sa busyness mo pax!!! :) find time to rest, pero sympre alam ko namang tayo there is no such thing as rest--maliban kung travel hehehe :D see you soon! :))))

  7. Love these. That last outfit is genius.

  8. pak na pak aisa ipac


    ang daming laman ng post na to. hahaha. bet ko lang yung shoes mo madam. tsk. eff my size 10 feet

  9. Totally love your outfit on the last set of photos. The ones your friend, Mark, shot. :)

  10. love your top in the first photo! :)


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