Shimmer + Giveaway Winner

I realized I still haven't posted what I wore to the Accessorize event last year. I featured the event itself + all the other brands on Depot Fashion's website. :) Here's my outfit which I think is appropriate for a New Year's party. Lol.

with baby Tin:)

with stylist extraordinaire Ryuji

with Ms. Ayet manager of Accessorize:)

photobomb. Hahaha. Ganda ni Ana!:)

with Melai, Ava and Ana

blogger love!:)

dress-vintage, bag-vintage Versace, shoes-daintyshop

On other news, I finally have the winners of my Holiday Giveaway!!!:) I manually wrote all of your names on cut out pieces of paper (thank you Mich). And then had Spongebob blob draw the winners from my new F21 straw hat (which I'll be selling soon!). :)

i guess you all know who the spongebob blob is.

So without further ado, here are the winners!!! I'm also posting everything they're thankful for last 2010. I want to let you all know that I enjoyed reading each and every comment you posted. I love reading stories of joy, hope, faith and resilience. I think we just need to be more grateful for the lives that we still all have. I hope you take each day as a challenge to do something bigger, brighter, or greater--for others and for yourself.:)

4th prize winner!
"I am thankful for being able to spend the better part of the year with my daughter (I travel a lot) while still being able to do what my job entails me to do."

3rd prize winner!
"I'm thankful for all the happy trips i had this year. :-)"

 2nd prize winner!
"I am thankful for the gift of blogging and all the wonderful people I've met here. And of course, my boyfriend. <3"

1st prize winner! 
"I'm thankful for all the wonderful blessings that I have received this year."

International Winner!
"I'm thankful because I can get through another year of my life with my family and friends around me.. :')"

I also decided to draw another winner for a surprise gift from Archive Clothing...

" I'm thankful for my family,boyf,friends and my job!" (Anna of writerinahardhat.blogspot.com)

Congratulations to all the winners! I will be emailing you shortly. 


 Goodnight guys!:)

A lot of giveaways are also happening right now, just head over to Ana and Ava's blog! 


  1. ZOMG! Benta sakin tong entry nato! :D Ang very UPDATED outfit post of the Accessorize event (parang kahapon lang a, hahaha! :D)

    And si sponge blob na pina cut mo pa nun papers hahaha benta yung "(thank you mich)"! ;D

    Ang di lang benta hindi pako nananalo sayo! :D Akk! :D Congrats to the winners!!!!! :))) <3

  2. hahahaha cge ana dahil love kita may surprise din ako sau! text kita!=D

  3. nakakatawa yung pagpili. hahaha nakatakip pa talaga :) aaaw hindi rin ako nanalo :((( hahaha

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Loving ur style, i just voted u at chicisimo and now im a follower here!
    Pls visit me and let me know ur opinion.
    Kisses from mexico!

  5. Loving ur style, i just voted u at chicisimo and now im a follower here!
    Pls visit me and let me know ur opinion.
    Kisses from mexico!

  6. aww sayang hindi ako nanalo =( haha! next time! i like the way you picked the winners. ma try nga yan! haha =p haha ngayon ko lang nahalata na hindi mo papala na post yung accessorize!

  7. Hahahahah I love how you picked the winners! So funny and cute! Hehehe :)

  8. That outfit is really cute! haha those contest pictures are funny xoxo bloggingsophie.blogspot.com

  9. weeee! i won!!! hehehehe..... this post made my day... haha.... aliw ang pagpili! winner na winner heheh :D

  10. yipee!!!Akala ko I didn;t win na, tas may surprise Prize pa pala hihi..yey! ^^ Thanks Pax! ^^

    Thanks for accepting my friend Req in FB nga pla, ^^

  11. HAHA better late than never?

    And omgggg I WON!!! Woot! Gusto kong mag jump up and down hahaha <333

    Good job Mich! :D

  12. @Bestie - hahaha swerte! vgood job ka jan te. email you nalang ha antay ko lng email revised gift voucher ng pill.=D

  13. nasugat kaya yung finger ko nung nabunot ko si bestie. tsk tsk. never again. lol

  14. Di talaga ako swerte sa mga ganito haha! Ang kulet ng "raffle draw". Pa-DTI accredit natin yan! :D

  15. Congrats to the winners! :)

    Panalo yun nagdradraw lots ng naka spongebob hahaha! xD ganun din nga magawa.

  16. Sobrang benta yung Spongebob blob! Hahaha. Cute niyo! Congrats sa winners! And ganda ng dress mo with the stockings! :)

  17. Aww.. sayang di ako nanalo.. haha.. ^_^

    Congrats to the winners :)

  18. Wonderful blog! :)
    I hope you will visit mine,
    xoxoxo, Eve.

  19. Super cute ng pag draw ng winners..:D Congrats sa mga nanalo!!! :)


  20. wow you have such a lovely blog! im so pleased i have discovered it :) your outfits are so great!



    The Flower Girl



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