Sorry, I've been too busy to take outfit shots. Heh. So this weekend I just cleaned my closet (finally!). Clothes are easier to find now (well, at least for a few weeks). Also been busy fixing Archive stocks. It's finally ready!!! Will post it tomorrow night or Tuesday the latest. :) Went crazy over my new steamer (yey no more wrinkly clothes), so this batch is indeed extra special. Hehe. Plus, I think I have more or less 50 items to post. So watch out for that! Anyway, my obsession over shoes is finally over (and Mich heaves a sigh of relief)--at least for now. :P

Since I don't have any photos to post, I'll just post a video of my favorite song instead (story of my life). Here it is--Needs by Collective Soul. The same song my sister chose to walk down the aisle to. :) Enjoy! (is it just me, or does the singer really looks like Christian Bale? Hawt)

Can't wait to share with you guys my upcoming gig--which is a little major for me. Will fill you in soon. Love love!:)


  1. "crazy" over the new steamer is a definite understatement. lol

    you have a thing for scruffy looking guys. haha. i think Bale is (or was) hotter (comparing both guys' zenith of hotness).

  2. photos of the now-organized closet please...haha! :D

    teh, sooo jealous of your leopard wedges... my gawd, they're selling the studded ones at P1620 lng. bought mine sa ebay for almost P2,500 including the shipping. will check out chickflick na talaga regularly...

    u coming to cebu for sinulog bah?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥


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