Labora Amor

I'd like to believe that my title translates to "labor of love". Does it? Haha. Anyway, here's how my crazy week went. Forever and ever a fashion slave. One shoot to go then I'm done styling for Depot Fashion's summer issue (March-May). Yey!

Outfit shot #1--these are the only photos I was able to take this day. Heh. 
Repeat performance of this dress.
dress-Landmark, blazer-thrifted, shoes-Elle

This was taken Tuesday afternoon. Headed to Megamall and Galleria afterwards to pullout some more items for our shoot. Went to What a Girl Wants also to claim my gift.

thanks wagw!

I also finally got the jumpsuit I've been drooling for since forever. Can't wait to wear it!
from Iconique.
The shoot was at a new studio inside Cubao Expo. My new favorite studio! The place is so sunshiney and bright and spacious.:)
pout--fail. caught off guard haha!

with Gela!

the team!

I wasn't able to take photos of our shoot last Sunday--which was awesome by the way. We shot on location at Borough Restaurant, Podium. Excited to see the final photos! Anyway, Mich and I decided to go to Greenbelt after the shoot to return half of the items I pulled out. Here are the only photos I was able to take that day....

Kani salad love @Pepper Lunch!


After Greenbelt, we then headed to Marikina for my sister's pre-birthday celeb at their new apartment. :)

Miles hoarded all the new bills from my Dad's wallet! Boooo. So I asked my Dad to get me a bundle for each denomination. Excited. Haha. New bills are proven icebreakers!  It amazes me how it instantly lighten people's mood. As in never fails! I kept some in my wallet before but they're all gone now. It's a good calming force when people looks like they're about to lash out. Lol.

Anyway, today I went out again to return some items I pulled out from Megamall and then went to the eight.one boutique at pearl drive to pull out for our last shoot. Wasn't able to take photos again, but here's what I wore today!

shirt-borrowed from Mich, leggings-Forever 21, shoes-St. Francis

How did you guys start your week?:) I want to let you all know that I visit each and every one of your blogs. I may not leave comments often but I do enjoy each posts your share. That's all. Loves you all.:)


  1. your outfit number one reminds me so much of blake lively in gossip girl before they went on hiatus. i don't remember the episode number but that one with ben or was it gaslit. you always dress so fab!

    kahit naka t-shirt ka lang maganda pa rin.

    good morning too! :)

  2. i think i remember that! hehehe. thanks sis:) good morning!!!

  3. great pics! I adore those Elle shoes in the first pictures, so cute!

  4. Aisa!!! I want those F21 leggings! Hehehe And also your mustard shoes. :)

  5. that blazer is thrifted? wow i am inlove with it!!

  6. You look brilliant. Love the blazer in the first outfit. So jealous!

  7. I remember that dress when you bought it in Landmark! It looks sooo much prettier when you wear it Pax! :)

  8. the White Jacket is thrifted? FAB Find! The wonders of Ukay tlg---I HEART!!! =)

  9. i love your first outfit! the blazer is awesome! =)

    I Am DollParts

  10. First outfit FTW! I hate you for thrifting that blazer. Haha. And aww, it's Gela! <3

  11. wow ~ im a new follower ^___^ your coordinates are wonderful :D

  12. Loved the outfit you're wearing on the last ones, unexpected shoes! loved the yellow pumps, great choice!


  13. Can I just say, the navy and white outfit is probably my favorite among all your outfits. It's so cute! I can't believe your blazer is thrifted. :)

    Man, you're getting so busy, I'm having a hard time keeping track of what you're doing now. I'm really happy your styling career has taken off. :D

  14. i like outfit number one, preppy! :D and your mustard shoes! :D always stylish!

  15. cute looks! so preppy :)

  16. pa-arbor ng blazer!!!! hahaha...love love ko! and you look so chic as always!!! great styling stints. 2011 is starting big for you...congrats!

  17. oh my, im so jealous of the photoshoots youve been styling!
    ang fierce at ang fresh mo pa!!

  18. aren't you one busy chic! love all your outfits! oh and, i cant wait to get my hands on the new bills!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  19. shoes are from st.francis?!?!?! oh my god! gotta go there fast! love your last outfit! ♥♥♥

  20. the tuxedo romper is so cute! can't wait the photos for the styling stint you did for Depot Fashion!

  21. Pax, used your photos for a mini feature on my blog. hope that's ok. no need to publish this comment:)

    link here:

  22. ahh I really liked these pictures! it's nice to have a sneak peek behind the scenes of a shoot.. and I like that little jumpsuit you got yourself! gorgeous!

  23. Labora!

    I suddenly remembered St. Scho., Koolasa days, ora et labora!

  24. we loves you too paxie! :D
    you're really tempting me to buy the fringe booties but i have to put myself on a forced shopping ban...waaah. will try it for 2 months and see if it works...LOL.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  25. outfit 1, i love love love the most! :) please add me on your links. pretty please? :)

  26. I love the 1st outfit! I would feel like a badass sailor wearing that.


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