What's in my TRUNK?

Trunkshow has always been on the top of my most watched online stores since forever. So imagine my excitement when I got an invitation from Bem Lim, Trunkshow's owner, to check out their newly opened branch in Rockwell (nside HIP). Here's my documentation in photos...

 Shoe rack--i die:)

Here are my favorites:

  JS Dani-ish... Cute!

 i wanted to take home those oxford heels--too bad they ran out of my size. =(

 pouches, purses, shirts--perfect as gifts this Christmas!


 shoe ribbons:)

 i want these overnight bags!

 checking out the clothes;)

My picks!

sheer top + polka wide leg polo

in love with this dress!


Of course I had to try on some of them!
 sheer top, black shorts from trunkshow

 lovely dress.

 I was also asked to bring home 1 item from the store. And this time I opted for a piece of clothing :)

 Can you guess what I took home? Will reveal on my next post!

 sheer shirt-thrifted, shorts-thrifted, shoes-bought online, necklace-Anagon

Now go (or run!) to the nearest Trunkshow branch and shop for everyone in your list (including yourself)! :) 


Trunk Show is a local brand offering fashion forward shoes and clothes. Targeted at college students and young professionals, age 17 -29, our products cater to the modern fashionista's style that can no longer be defined
simply or limited to one style such as preppy, grunge, etc... but has evolved into an oxymoron of such like grunge chic, glam rock, etc...Our store is where you can find distressed meets chiffon, preppy meets grunge. Trunshow is aslo located in Trinoma, Powerplant and Glorietta. 


  1. nice shop and I got the dress the said "miniskirts have been in fashion for the past few year"

  2. I'm excited to see aisa beybeh! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. those were shoe ribbons???? AWESOME.

  4. I will defintely visit trunkshow on my christmas vacation!:)

  5. wow.. gorgeous pieces!!! cant wait to see what you got.. i've always seen their brand name on some stylebible event outfit photos!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. i love it!:) I'm thinking you brought home the dress? hehe lucky you! you get to take something home for free!

  7. oh aisa! i love these sort of photo journal posts when you take photos of where you go! i did one too today, only i was too shy to take photos of myself on the streets hahaha so all i did was take photos of all the food i ate :P

  8. LOVET! :D Love the sheer top on you pax, di ko ata kaya yan a! 8D Exciting ano kaya yang tinake home mo heehee!

  9. ohh trunkshow! never been to their store. but would love to drop by the next time i'll be in trinoma. btw, lovin the items you tried! <3


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