The Nut (and bank) cracker

(Late post)--I just went a few thousand bucks poorer today. Yes, it's expensive to venture into styling. No, I don't borrow everything. I still spend a lot over props or last minute outfit finishing touches. I really put my mind and all my effort into shoots. I go as far as contacting hotels for possible locations. I submit proposals, I call and text (poor phone, poor line, poor me!) endlessly. I even had Mandarin hotel say yes, but sadly our available dates didn't coincide. :( Maybe next time.:)

Since we didn't have enough time to find a nearer location, we ended up shooting at Tin Lorico's (photographer) house in Paranaque. I had to rent a car (or taxi for this matter) as my service coz it was too far from me. As much as I wanted to save and just commute, I can't coz I had designer gowns/dresses with me plus a lot of borrowed items. I didn't want to take the risk. It still turned out great though coz their house is like a huge antique shop--loves it! 

Love the vintage suitcase
the sound/ring is scary in actual as it does in horror movies

rocking horse she bought in bangkal

I wasn't able to take photos of me, sorry! But I wore a black longsleeved shirt that says Ballerina something something. It was not intended! Some behind the scenes...

Bambi doing airbrush on model Kate


Accessories, shoes, etc. In short, my little corner.

photog tin lorico in action: model is wearing a shopmariane skirt:)

love this set! And there's Mich assisting by holding the reflector. Hee.

model is wearing a Soule Phenomenon tutu skirt:)

dress by PFW designer Jot Losa

The guy model also backed out at the last minute due to sickness. We decided to still push through with the shoot and just let our girl model Kate do the tin soldier role as well. It turned out great! She did a great job and we were all able to do our first androgynous makeup, photography and styling. Here's a sneak peek.

she's so gwapo. Hee.

 It's a wrap!

I can't wait to see the final photos! I'm sure it's gonna be awesome. Will share it with you guys as soon as I get them. :) Thank you Mariane Perez, Nicole Puentevella, Trunkshow, Ana Leah Portia and Jot Losa for lending me clothes and shoes. You're all angels. :) Thank you for always supporting freelance starving stylists like me. Chos.

After a very tiring day, Mich and I decided to reward ourselves with a massage from Nuat Thai. It has become our new favorite place. The service is truly amazing--and you know I won't lie about services. It's just too bad they don't offer services aside from massages. Dear Nuat Thai, pls expand soon! :)

This also came in the mail!

Can you guess who sent them? Clue...

Hehe Thank you Golddot!

P.S. Trunkshow just joined my giveaway wagon. Winner also gets a piece of clothing from them! Will post photo soon. Yey! Send your entries now! Click on the image at the top right corner of my humble blog.:)


  1. Oh this looks so lovely and exciting! The theme seems so fun and the clothes just amazing! :D

  2. Oooh, I love this concept ah! I love the whole vintage feel...and the guapo girl caught my eye too. Hahahahaha!

  3. Love this shoot Aisa!!!! Promise, sasama na talaga ako! Minsan, isama mo ako for real, like pati sa conceptualizing and pulling out or contacting people to find stuff! I wanna learn from the master achiii! :)

  4. love the vintage drama. great photos.

  5. great photos...love the one of the girl in the suitcase.


  6. Being a stylist seems like a nice job, but it has its hardships din pala..and look how busy you are and mich too!=( But i love how shoots turn out..labor of love mo, teh! Cute Gold dot cupcakes!!

    Getting on that Trunk shpow bandwagon!!

  7. Love love love the theme of this shoot! I am sure the photos will be amazing! Congrats Pax! ♥

    PS: Love the DIY ballerina flats hehe :)

  8. amazing shoot!! i love the location and the clothes all look wonderful and whimsical!! :D the cupcakes look divine too!

    Animated Confessions

  9. thanks girls! Love you all!=D

  10. nice! hay,I want your job promise.hihi

  11. loved this entry, can't wait to see the actual photos. im sure they'e gonna turn out great! =)

  12. Wow I love the concept of your shoot! :)


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