For the Greater Good

When I was 19 all I ever thought about was where to drink and be merry with friends. I also exhausted all of my time and energy trying to pass all of my subjects, maintaining my grades (believe it or not I was in the cream section and it was really hard when all your classmates are dean's listers or candidates for cumlaude! lol) and tried hard to just come to school on time to avoid failing due to lates and absences. My attendance to the newest and hipest shirt store in town--Greater Good--made me rethink my youth. Haha. After all, the owners who are also cousins-- Michael and Christian Concepcion, are still in college (aged 19 and 23!) but already proved so much of themselves. It also helped that they came from a very business oriented family (Christian's dad is Joey Concepcion of Go Negosyo).

Greater Good's main mission is to encourage social empowerment through fashion. Their main goal is to spread awareness about different socially relevant issues like --poverty, environment, hunger, freedom, animal rights--through graphic tees. WOW huh? The designs are collaboration with amazing artists and celebrities. Maybe it's now time to start wearing our causes for everyone to see. Life is not all about us, family, work, etc.--we all have bigger purposes in life than all that. :)

Here are some photos from the event...

 Store facade

grabbed from Ava's  blog

awesome shirt designs!

with my girls--Ava, Ana, Melai:)

Christian's baby sister--ain't she the cutest?:)

our favorite shirts:)
my friend Argie's design on display!

with mel

yey food!


3 generation of Concepcions:)

Melai did a great job interviewing the owners!

in our winter outfits hehe

with vern:)

The store was located at the non-airconditoned area of the mall so I--together with my sisters in winter inspired outfits--nearly died of heat stroke. Lol. I didn't even finish the whole thing, I left and changed to comfy clothes. Thank you Greater Good for the freebie! It's useful and it's pretty:)

wearing greater Good shirt.

You already know what I wore so I won't be posting outfit shots anymore. Thank you Ana for letting us come with you! Thank you Mel! Greater Good for all!=D

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  1. It was a fun day Pax!!! :)) Thank YOU for being there too! See you soon a! :D Benta talaga yun nakapag change ka kaagad into Greater Good tee...FTW!!! =D


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