Camp Kain

Yesterday, I had a long day. But we accomplished a lot so it was totally worth it. Went to Marikina first to buy a couch and a full length mirror (of course). And before anything else here's an outfit shot!

top-Mental, shorts-Space, bag - FabManila, shoes-customized, accessories-from Divisoria

It's still scorching hot here in Manila so I opted to wear something breezy and light. This top I got from Mental is just the perfect thing to wear. Gosh, why can't it be colder now? It's supposed to be cooler now that the Christmas season is near.*Sigh*

And now here's the bidang couch!

 A treasure we found at EVER supermarket near our house in Marikina. It costs P5K only.

At 6pm, I met up with 2 of my closest friends from Robinsons (Kitin and Pats) to carpool so we could all go together to our dinner venue.  To give you a little history--Camp Kain was started by my friend from Robinsons--Aimee and her partner Jen (who owns the first class resort Seawind in Boracay). Jen is one of the best cooks (or should I say chef? hehe) I know. She cooks some mean food! And she didn't even go to a culinary school. She just learned from cooking shows on cable and research from the net. We could totally wipe out 4 dishes in an hour! Lol. It's always fun catching up with friends over good stories and of course great food. :) Anyway, here's what happened in photos...

With the newest member of Camp Kain--baby Asyana!

Proud parents--Ariane (manager of Toys R' Us) & Mariel (store planning manager of Abenson)

Me and the food! Now I'm hungry again.

Kitin and Pats with hosts Aimee & Jen.

Aimee cutting the cake! Aimee is Saizen's brand manager (or something) hehe

Delicious ice cream cake!

Aside from pigging out, our agenda was also to discuss upcoming outings and parties. Thanks to Kitin for preparing a nice report. Lol. Here's Kitin discussing our Halloween party. We will also be going to Ilocos, Boracay (of course), Batanes and Bali, Indonesia (we chose from Beijing, Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea and Bali won--coz it's the cheapest)! I really have to start saving now. Ugh. NOT EASY. Shopping ban should be imposed STAT.

Kitin reporting with an Ipad. Shalan!

Class picture!

My friends Kitin and Pats dropped us off at our apartment, they also decided to shop from ARCHIVE!

 sorry for the clutter. hehe

And just because I've been obsessing over my ombre-ish hair (that's not at all pleasant to look at), I decided to get it fixed at Albert Mutuc.  They do good hair, visit them at P.Tuazon corner 14th avenue Cubao, Quezon City. :)

from burgundy to golden brown. Aylavet.

Have to go! Must rest early coz I'm gonna take pictures for ARCHIVE tomorrow then off to SM Fashion Forum. Hope your weekend was a blast!


  1. love your top aisa!


  2. i love your....top..it has a collar too...adorable..!!!!

  3. Oh, you are so gorgeous! Those shoes are insanely awesome! I feel like I'm going to have to go on a hunt for a similar pair :3

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  4. I'm lovin' that shite flowy top on you and also your bag. :) It's a perfect camel color. Hope the waeather starts cooling down for you! I'm waiting for that too.

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. shite = white.. waeather = weather. lol. :D

  6. i super love the hair color! <3


  7. love the color of your hair Paxie..and cute outfit too!!!!

    oh my...great vacation options...good thing for you my dear!!!


  8. hi aisa! i grabbed the photo of your sofa set. hope you don't mind. I'm sharing it to my friend who's about to move out. the set you got was such a good grab! Is there a lot to choose from in Ever? Thanks!

  9. get together parties are always something.. it's always nice to catch up with old friends! :D

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