Zombie Ready Wear

So today, I got out of the apartment to run errands in my kick ass outfit--shirt, shorts & black combat boots. I wanted to wear my very much abused tan brogues, but the thought of my feet (and shoes) swimming in puddles of water or mud--which was very highly likely--made me change my mind. Kickass--that's how Mich labeled my outfit which she said was very fit and proper for zombie attacks. Yes, she is obsessed with the undead that you'll be surprised of the very detailed escape plans and defense strategies she already have in mind just in case the dreaded thing happened. What a geek. Heee :P So, she came up with my "zombie ready" outfit right after she dreamt about saving me from zombies who were chasing me and me running in sky high stilettos--not a good idea. So I'll be keeping my boots, just in case. :P

So anyway, I made a sidetrip to the nearest thrift shops. I'm still on a shopping ban but thrift shops are exempted. So, splurge I did. I also bought new stocks for ARCHIVE. Lots of cute skirts, tops and dresses! It would be a struggle again to let go. Bummer.

Sorry for the haggardness it was so hot inside! This jacket would be part of ARCHIVE's next collection!
3 huge plastic bags with little bags inside
me with my bags!
I always do an inventory after shopping! These babies are heading to the laundrymat tomorrow.
I know I said I don't trust laundry shops when it comes to washing thrifted clothes,but I finally found one that fits my qualifications! The clothes smell nice after and they disinfect it or something. Yey.

I went coat happy today. I think I got inspired by the typhoon, lol. For the first time in months this is the first time, the only day I felt I could wear a coat!!! I also have an upcoming winter themed shoot, so I got all the right reasons to go overboard. :P Here are my buys...

Fall/winter ready in my military inspired coat!
same color without the fur. This I can wear anytime.
gray jacket with faux fur
black oversized coat which I could also wear anytime! Perfect for the rainy season.
I also made a new friend in the thrift shop! He said the first thing he noticed when I came in is my bangs and my boots. Hehe. I'm so productive today, yey! Lol. To all of you who were asking where I bought the shoes I posted on my previous blog entry--just click on this LINK! Happy shopping ladies! :) As for me, I'm done--for this month. Heh.


  1. wow mukhang marami ulit nice cover ups!!:) and jackets! ang ganda ng couch niyo, pax!!

  2. hi! wer is that thrift shop located?tnx

  3. @Ava - tama!!! hehehe pero mas madaming skirts heee. Thanks ava!=)

    @Mike - Cubao!!!:)

  4. Kick ass outfit indeed! I love your shoes so much!!!! <3

    <3 Christine

  5. Love the boots! bagay sa mga coats! ;)

  6. love the grey jacket paxie...looks like you had fun...

    nothing to worry about the haggard look...I also have that moments most of the times...


  7. Oooo! I love the look... kickass indeed. :) Hope you're having a great day hun!

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter a $100 GC to Shopbop!

  8. haha....i,myself have planned all the ways to escape a zombie-attack...just in case...after effects of watching one too many zombie movies i guess....
    oooh...thrift shopping while on a shopping restriction...hmm..not bad...great finds...
    much love..

  9. i can see your hat collection. i died. please adopt me.

  10. ohmygosh, I've always wanted to do a Zombie Apocalypse outfit post, too, but I don't have the right trousers yet, though I've got everything else ready, even the fake gun. Haha! I'm obsessed with zombie movies and Left 4 Dead, that's why. I LOVE THIS POST!


  11. ahhH! I wanna wear those kinda boots but I think I'll just look funny! I can never pull those off! haha


  12. I love the COATS :) And ya, try mo iwan alarm mo minsan. Malay mo! :)

  13. Whoa! It's easy to go crazy when you're in thrift shops. I nearly spent all my salary in Greenhills tiangge too. I think I shall follow your lead and ban myself from shopping...thrift shops included.

  14. cute outfit! i love your coat and the material it is made of, very military <3

  15. yey for the winter jackets! i love 'em. i also just got some cardigans from my "suking ukay-ukay" last weekend and was very much pleased because they were so inexpensive!

  16. Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
    like this in the past? Let me know your thoughts...

  17. I love your blog, i have already discovered it because of trendtation!!!!!!!

    I´m going to follow you since now!!!


  18. I love the parkas and the very first one with the fur. I'm sort of happy the weathers cooling down para makapagsweater naman ako. Ang init dito sa Pinas, bakeeeeeet? HAHA!

    I was about to manually SEARCH THE UKAY-UKAYS OF MANILA TO LOOK FOR WHERE YOU THRIFT but then again you saved me some time. HAHA! Can't wait for the Archive collection! AND! Can't wait for my oxfords *excited* I'm a huge fan of korean pre-ordering too. I have this fat folder sa bookmarks ko where they all, guiltily, are. XD

    ♥ sPam of frou-frou

  19. those boots are kick ass! and it's so funny about the "zombie" anecdote but after mulling it over, stilletos seem to be out when running from them :)

  20. kickass nga ang boots! i looove the army green coat with fur!!!

  21. sama mo ako next time!! hahaha.i so wanna go ukay-ukay. almost all of my blogger friends are expects when in comes to ukay-ukay shopping.

  22. omg!!!! so many amazing jackets.. i can totally use some of those here in canada! :D

    Animated Confessions

  23. OH WOW!
    Where do you go thrift shopping?

    I'm actually selling a lot of my stuff.. I just made an online store today.. You might wanna check it out :)


    I've recently had a garage sale but madami pa din natira cuz half day lang kame kase bigla umulan :(

    I'll post more items soon.. :)

  24. Where do you usually shop? I mean, Ukay Ukay shopping? :)


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