WOW Party by Kotex

Last Tuesday, I attended a blogger dinner at Bizu, Greenbelt. It was organized by Kimberly Clark for their new Kotex pads launch. Saw lots of familiar faces! I'm really glad I went to this event coz I was able to bond with some of my blogger friends and I also met new ones. :) Anyway, here's how it all went in photos...

2 of my blogger friends--Lloyda and Bestie :)

Food!!! I was the 1st in line. Haha.

Class Picture

Vern, Lloyda, Me, Ana, Ava, Bestie, Denise, Nori

Okay, the food was awesome. Hehe. I love their salad and the roast beef. Their rice is oh so tasty too! Yum. Mich was trying to get me to eat the dessert she got for me (creme brulee) but I was busy chatting away to notice. Hee. After eating we took more photos (of course), then we were asked to introduce ourselves one by one. We were also asked to tell everyone what brand we would most likely be and why. It was a no-brainer that I chose Archive Clothing coz I love old vintagey stuff. And Forever 21--looking young, feeling young (Myra-E?). After that we were asked to participate in a fun drawing activity where we had to design our own pad. Bestie had the most award winning design. Heehee. It felt like we were in grade school again! Hehe.

The Row 4 girls are pressured. Haha.

I tried to act demure--but they all blew my cover. Booo. :P

We were each given a lookbook. And here's how it looks inside...

Love the new Kotex pad! Love their new luxe designs. So fun, sassy, chic! I love the Indie Chic designs the most. :) It's just perfect for the young women in our generation today who are all bold, audicious, & fearless. Kotex is proud to launch the world's 1st ever pad that combines technology & design. I love that they've reinvented feminine pads where it's no longer just a form of protection but also of expression. I've been using it for 2 days now and I'm loving it! Easy breezy and ultra chic. :)

More camwhoring after the jump!

Me, Alex from reluctantstylista, Vern and Denise of simone's closet

with my friend Bam whom I met previously at 2 photoshoots! She's an amazing make-up artist:)

We were given goodie bags with of course Kotex pads inside. Yey, I have stocks now!

Now with Liz of project vanity and Melai of styleandsoul

Class picture at the WOW wall which we totally covered. Haha.

With Golda--my HS friend--from Kimberly Clark (far left)

Apparently this was her event. Haha kidding! Kept on teasing her. :P

It was a fun evening of purely girl power bonding. Of course, being the bloggers that we are we stayed behind and utilized to death their oh-so-cute restroom for our outfit shots! =)

pansuit-bigpurpleballoon, bag-the ramp, shoes & blazer-thrifted, twiggy necklace- Z shop

my thrifted shoes! I'm inlove with the artsy heels and green sole!:)

my new rings from Anagon & Twiggy necklace from Z! =)

Smile! God loves you! =)

So there, can't wait to see you girls again next next week! For now, I need to rest coz my throat hurts. Uuugh. Been attending events 3 days in a row. I'm happy I'd be able to rest today. But, I have another styling gig on Friday! This time for a magazine. Excited. :) Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Pa-grab ng group shot :)

  2. oh my God i can't believe your shoes are thrifted! love the heels. buti pa kayo palaging my bloggers meet-up.**inggit mode** hehe


  3. in looooove with your fringe bag, dear!

  4. how amazing is that!!!! im totally loving how the philippine blogging scene is so supported and growing even more and more!!! aaahh!! lucky you! :D

    gorgeous girls!!! your outfit is amazing!! love the shoes!

    Animated Confessions

  5. ohh i love ur shoes!! :D

  6. Super fun pax! :D And grabe kagagawa ko lang din ng entry ko hahahah :D See you soonest teh, thank you uli!!!! :))))

  7. wow Aisa!it was really nice meeting you! Basta may bloggers event invite me again, so we can have chika moments naman! I'll be doing an entry post about this event on the coming days!:) See you soon Aisa!:)

  8. Nori - sure sure!!!

    Dres - kaya nga eh sana bus ride lng ang cebu so you could all be here too!:)

    KD - thanks! got it from littlemissdressup's blog giveaway!:)

    Sybil - tnx girl wish you were here too!

  9. I hope the kimberly clark people--or any phil company for that matter--made tampons naman! Not only are they better for period protection, they can also be less damaging to the environment if gawa sa 100% biodegradable cotton di ba?

    Your post got me thinking about how many pads are used by Phil women every day, and where all that plastic is going! Gosh.

  10. @Anonymous - i will forward your concern to the kimberly clark people;)

  11. Oh sayang, I missed this :( Everyone's so gorgeous!

  12. i love your shoes! :) haha tampon party xD that's awesome

  13. the shoes are indeed adorable...love the heels talaga...and you are right...great photo shoot inside the restroom...

    love the group shots...its nice to see bloggers re-unite again....

    great event...


  14. I can not believe your shoes are mocked! loves heels. Buti pa kayo palaging my fashion bloggers meet he in.

  15. クリスマスに1人だなんてこの日本最大級のコミュニティサイトモバゲーにはあなたと同じ境遇の方がわんさかいるのに!ご近所さんで探す?プロフで探す?出会い方はあなた次第!


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