A couple of announcements

1.) We've filed a case against the evil travel agent. Hope he gets caught soon! Karma's a bitch, bitch! :P
2.) I had a fun birthday (thanks everyone for the greets!). :) Also got a package from Anagon--Ana thank you! Love yah teh! :)

... and also something from Golddot

 Will post an entry about it soon:)

3.) To my giveaway winners--I will ship your prizes this week. :) Sorry if it got held up. I was so busy the past week. Forgive me!
4.) Pre-orders for my oxford shoes is still ongoing! I already submitted the 1st batch of orders. Yey!
5) Got an email from Maria of Chicisimo.com asking me to be part of a fun activity she's brewing. Will announce soon:) 
6) We have another upcoming portfolio shoot! Will also be using designer clothes so I'm kinda excited. And we're gonna be working with fun and amazing people. Hope I nail it. Pressure!
7) The previous Robinson's Blogger Event is in Stylebible!


8.) Got an invite from the owners of Glitterati--JL and Nina--for their new lux line's launch on September 1 at Member's Only!!! Here's the official invite:

So excited to see what JL and Nina's got in store for us again. I'm sure it's gonna be fabulous as ever. Good news is you could also take a peek see! I have 4 slots left to fill for the event. If you want to be part of this amazing event, just leave your name and email below and I'll contact you if you've been picked. Those who'd go will enjoy exclusive passes and guest list privileges (free entrance) at the event, access of the open bar, special discounts and coupons, and of course exposure c/o their media partners Mega and Stylebible.

To the other bloggers who will go, see you there! :)


  1. the orange eyeglasses are cute! bagay sayo yan! and Gold Dot baby ka rin? :)

  2. sayang.. i got invited in the glitterati event too.. but of course, i dont live there naman.. oh well..
    anyway, looks like a lot of things are happening for you!! awesome!

    Animated Confessions

  3. Oh, there's a limit pala to the number of guests you can invite? Haha, I'm glad I read this post then! See ya there. :)

  4. Yehey! :D Thank you birthday girl! :) See you soonest!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! When was yours? Mine was the 18th. I love those orange frames. What a great birthday present :)

  6. Congrats on all the exciting things happening!

    Embracing Style

  7. hey babe, its been a while but I am back and ready!!!
    cant wait to see more outfits again from you


  8. Wow ang sweet naman ni Ana! Loveit! :) See you guys sa event. Alam mo teh, tama lang paglaban niyo yung rights niyo. Will support you girl!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  9. Whehehehe...love the gifts plus the owl necklace...

    You are blessed my dear...because you are just great as you are...

    take care love

  10. Chloe Bejar

  11. I'm hoping I get an invite! :)

    Vera Liane Lugtu

  12. Babe you look super gorgeous, as usual. I love everything about your outfit! <3

    And, see you at the Glitterati event!

  13. Can you squeeze me in??:D
    Mariz Galang

  14. :)

    Raquel Borinaga


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