City of Pines: Sightseeing + Sidetrips

Went to Baguio last weekend and here's what happened on Day 2. A lot of sightseeing and yes, more shopping. :P Narration through photos...

Our neighbor's chow chow. Sooo cute.

First stop: Philippine Military Academy

At the Museum.

Love their waiting lounge outside.

Entrance fee is just P10 each person.

First photo I find enchanting. :)

You're so tall ever mister! (in tagalog: laki mong damulag kuya!)

There's fashion in uniforms. Love the military jacket!!!

How the rooms of cadets look like.

Amazing diorama of Gregorio Del Pilar's bravery. Read his message above!
Does Filipinos still think like that? I wonder.

Another awesome photo. Just because the girls in the photo looks fab!:)

I love how this place reeks of beautiful pictorial spots. Lol.

Wearing: thrifted blazer, greenhills shirt, keds sneakers, F21 accessories

Overlooking mah men!

Busy texter in action.

Second Stop: FOREST HOUSE Bistro and Cafe

Yes, seriouuuus,

Waiting for our orders.

Checking my emails. Shalan.

Roti whatever--a favorite! Bread with curry dip.

Strawberry smoothie--yum.

Seafood Pesto

Mich's vegetarian lunch--baked cauliflower and potato

Loved the food and the ambiance!

Took some photos outside while waiting for a cab...


Disguise among all the yellows.

Mich was there to document all my sillyness...



...all out of excitement and curiosity.

Yeees. Baduy. :P

A mini mini bridge!

The whole place is beautiful.

They have this nice serene Japanese garden and a mini China filled with buddhas.
Me destroying the tranquililty of the place with my supermowdel pose! Haha.

And Mich too with her--umm, what's she trying to do? Side dive?

For P20 (rental of headlamp) you could go inside this tunnel where the Japanese hid during the war. It was damp and very very dark inside, so after 30 seconds of walking I bailed. Haha.

While walking we saw these 2 gentlemen standing over the wishing fountain. I was so tempted to poke their butts. Hihi.

...but of course I didn't. We still had this award winning photo to keep and laugh at though! Hahaha.

Love this walkway.

Fifth Stop: Cafe by the Ruins

By the ruin.

Mich trying to rain dance?! Yes, sometimes she's crazier than me.

Famous Ruins tea.

hot choco. yummy.

Lovin' the choco lava cake + hot tea.

Went to buy bus tickets afterward (better early than sorry) then headed to the market to do some last minute window shopping--with me ending up with 1 bag of goodies. Went home early to spend some time (bought pizza too for them) with my relatives. Oh, and I also want to share with you guys the life of our house party, my cousin's adorable dog--Zypher!!! Who just can't get enough of Mich...

...cutest ever. My aunt also gave me a lot vintage clothes!!! Can't wait to show them to you and will also sell some pieces on my online store--very soon! I also woke up to a lot of text messages (in facebook too!) all of birthday greetings. Thanks to those who remembered. I have super fabulous friends and family. That's what makes my life wonderful. I am truly blessed. :)


  1. ang cute ng pics!!! Love your yellow blazer :)

  2. omg!!! that blazer is beyond amazing, aisa!!! :D love it!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. oh i love baguio so much! i'm jealous much.

    love your blazer too. yummy yummy color! xx


  4. LOVELOVELOVE your yellow blazer!! :)

  5. Happy birthday Aisa! Seems like you had a great time! Love the outfit and this posts! Xx

  6. you make me wanna go to baguio! love the pictures! :)


  7. Somebody got to wear her awesome blazers! Have fun at Baguio. :D

  8. ang kulet nun aso!! :D hahaha! parang viet yun ibang asa pics pax, aminin mo! :D Hahaha, pwede na pala dito nalang wala pang language barrier hehehe! ;D
    I want your keds! ikaw na ang shoes-inspi ko! ;) comfy pero cutie lahat!!
    pahiram din blazer pag nanuod uli ako ng uaap hahaha "shalani"! :D

  9. cute photos! i'd love to go to those places. and the dog is so cute! :)

  10. I somehow miss Baguio. I love the temp kasi eh, hahah :P

    I can't stop laughing: "laki mong damulag kuya!" hahaha :P LOL.

    anyway, great pics.

    xx, Channie

  11. Belated Happy Birthday! Baguio is one of my favorite places talaga. (Ukay + cold weather). I ate at that first restaurant before also but your Seafood Pesto is haunting me. I will make a note to try it in the future :)

    Unique blazer, btw! You seem to have a knack for finding really cool ones :)

    Bea from A plus B

  12. Love your yellow blazer and the sightseeing pics.

    Embracing Style

  13. pwede moko bilhan ng pregnancy test? nabuntis ata yung legs ko ni zypher.

  14. cute photos of the dog...

    I am in love with your yellow blazer...and your shorts!!!!

    and those FOOD makes me want to hike going to 7-eleven just to get some frosty or lays chips...


    great post
    take care love

  15. super funny ka talaga! nakakatawa mga hirit mo here! love, love, love the yellow blazer...super!!!! we went to PMA also but only to buy a hoodie and t-shirt!

  16. awwww i will steal mich's blazer and that colorful thingy under. awwwwwww! i love this post!
    and happy belated birthday again, guapa!



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