Some major fail.

I was supposed to go to Greenhills today to pick up the shopping bags I ordered, which I'm going to use for the Port 88 bazaar this weekend. But I had to ditch that plan 'coz our family went on a movie date c/o my Mom's free tickets from Citibank (yey!). But before that something gruesome happened to me--the shoes I was wearing gave up, as in the rubber sole got detached. Epic fashion fail. Good thing it happened while we're already inside the mall. So Mich and I ran to the nearest shoe store, which was Celine, and we bought a new pair. This time I had a valid reason to shop. Haha. It was embarassing! Good thing no one noticed. I think. 

And here's my new pair. I actually think it's kinda cute. And I don't have white shoes, so it's a fine buy. I especially love the red bow.  It's a shoe destiny.

After I settled my shoe problem, we then headed to the cinemas to watch The Last Airbender. The movie was good but it could have been better. I just wish they used more veteran actors, not necessarily popular. Whenever the main actor and other actors open their mouths it spoils the "omg it's freakin' cool" moments, that we can't help but squirm in our seats. The story and effects were awesome BUT it still lacked something. The way the main characters talk kinda sounds Disney-ish and cheesy. But that's just my two cents. It was still entertaining though.

Before heading home, we had a quick dinner at Max's (it's my Dad's favorite resto hehe). Also passed by Watsons to restock on my L'oreal Purezone Moisturizer, only to find out it had been phased out. I was really dismayed. So I just bought the new one from Neutrogena and an eye cream (pre-concealer) to try.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness SPF 30 (P700+), Pond's Light Infusing Undereye Cream (P199)

I love that Neutrogena has SPF 30. I still have to try it though. Will let you know if it's effective. Same with ponds.

And some outfit posts:

Tried to get a decent shot at Max's but failed. So I dragged Mich at the alley outside to try my luck there.

 While fixing my tanktop.

Mini tantrums over the not postable (is there such a word?) photos.
I suck at posing=c

I look mad. I'm still having mini tantrums here.

I look like I have a migraine.

And what am I even saying? Haha!


 Wearing: thrifted oversized cardi, Zara shorts, F21 shirt, F21 & Accessorize necklaces, Celine shoes

Pwede na! (in english: Can be! Can be!). Lol.

 Anyway, this is totally unrelated but I just found out that I've been featured at one of London's online magazine Becausemagazine.com! =)

So honored and ecstatic! How was your weekend?=)

P.S. Start of Big Blog Blowout giveaway is tomorrow! Don't forget to send your entries!=)


  1. I love your bag, where'd you get it? :)

  2. @Zaya - hi babe! Bought it from a sidewalk in Thailand. :)

  3. aww cute outfit i love the stripes :) sorry to hear about the shoes :( i've broken heels at school before and had to hop around all day long on one shorter leg hahaha .. so awkward

  4. @Angie - I know! I was dragging my feet all the way to the shoe store. Lol. :)

    @Eunice - thank you:)

  5. love your sweater!!! so rad!! and those flats are so cute! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. You look great like always! love your style girlfriend!


  7. Love your cardigan! And the flats are absolutely adorable. You dress so well. :)

  8. Blessing in disguise! The shoes are really cute!

  9. proves that.. things happen for a reason.. love the shoes! :)

  10. I suuuper love the striped cardigan!nghahanap din ako ng ganyan sa thrift stores....


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