I know you all love shoes as much as I do. And I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with Kat of Chickflick Boutique to give you guys an exclusive peek on her sale items! She's supposed to sell it at the Rockwell bazaar but she was nice enough to offer it to us--shoelovers of the blogging world--first. It will be an all P500 sale. All P500 for a pair of shoes! That's only one necklace in Forever 21. Lol.

She's already checking her inventory and it will all be ready on Saturday evening. So I'm putting it up Sunday (coz I'm going to Pampanga later for our food tour! Which I'll blog about when I get back). So mark your calendars! This sale is just exclusive to Drowning Equilibrium readers. =)

I also received a package from her earlier. She sent me lots of accessories to use! 

...but I  decided to not keep them all. Now I'm including some items in my giveaway prize pot! =) 

Thank you Kat! And see you at the private sale chicas! :)


  1. wow.. those are some nice accessories!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I hope the prize is wedge! LOL namili? hahah! Super excited pax!

    Today with A
    Yes! I know, this is a new crib for me, so check it out! GORA! ;)


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