Giveaway Update II

Got more amazing items from wonderful sponsors. =)

+Plus, one more similar to this but in Red and with gold studs.

I'm done with the mechanics. Now, I'm just waiting for the other items. Can I join my own giveaway? Of course, I can't. Bummer. =)

Prizes for the international readers will also vary. Of course no bulky items 'coz the shipping fee might kill me. But I'm proud to be giving away proudly Filipino made (most are handmade) items. Most of the sponsors also ship internationally! 

I just hope no one lives in Timbuktu.

And here are other exclusive discounts only for DE readers!
15% from Bibi House
(just tell them you're my reader)

Use code: IPAXME30 (ends Sept. 30)

10% from Fievre
(just tell them you're my reader) 

Enjoy!!!=) And the anticipation is killing me. Haha.


  1. The most awesome giveaway ever!!!

  2. Thanks Ash! Help me promote when it's running na ha. =) Mwah!

  3. wow, that's a LOT of giveaways! :)

  4. hey!!! this sounds great.. can i ask you something? im really interested in getting stuff from multiply sellers back there and is it possible for you to list down or suggest a couple that ship internationally?? :) thanks a lot!

    Animated Confessions

  5. @Sybil - I'll gladly do that for you! I'll email it to you in one file. I'll make time to do that promise:)

  6. Aisa, your prizes are amazing! I love that Cintura belt. Can't wait for the give away! :)

  7. thanks Alexa!=) Oh, and I'm going to Cebu on December. I want to meet you and Dred!:)


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