1st Giveaway Sponsors

I will be conducting my first giveaway soon to celebrate this blog's 2nd year anniversary. And I've got AMAZING items to give away from my lovely sponsors!!!

I will post photos soon but these are just some of the items (and my wonderful sponsors) that's gonna be up for grabs.

1 pair of shoes from Chili Margarita

Item/s from Fab Manila

1 necklace, 1 bracelet from Missdemeanorr

4 couple necklace + 1 vintage necklace from Paponei

Clothes from Yourfashionpolice

1 bag and 2 pillbox hats from Fabrichild

1 romper from Orange Tag

Excited now? Well, that's not everyone. =) More to come. That's how much I love you chicas! I'm still finalizing the prizes but it's gonna be VERY SOON! Check back here often for new updates and other details. =)

I'm so excited! Are you? :)


  1. Oh wow, that's a lot of prizes. I can't wait to join this! :)

  2. @Lauren and Melai - me too!!!=) Pls. help me spread the word:) Thank you!=D

  3. hey...nice nice...i wanna be part of it too....

  4. WOOOOW!!!! Super excited! :D

  5. wow.. lovely prizes.. i wonder if you'll open it to international readers.. as i see that most if not all of these sponsors are philippine based, am i right??

    still, exciting pa rin! teehee! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. @Sybil - There will be 3 winners. 2 local and 1 international! So you can join! :) The prizes for the international reader will vary of course. I can't send bulky items coz that will drain my pocket to death. Heehee! But you can win the other items like maybe dresses and accs. :)

  7. will definitely join pax! alam mo yan! :) miss you!

  8. @Chevy - me either sis!=) Check my blog nalang for updates. I'll post the 2nd batch of sponsors later or tomorrow:)

  9. exciting sis! ! ! Yipee! :D

  10. oh wow. super dami the giveaways! exciting!

  11. @Kookie - join ka babe ha, sayang baka manalo! I want the Chili Margarita shoes! Any shoes from their store ang prize!=)

  12. yey! i wanna join too!!! hahaha. naks! ibang level meron sponsors!!! :) i wanna win!!!

  13. yey join ka Lloyds ha!=) And nyeh I'm sure if ikaw nagkasponsor mas bigtime!:) Dali giveaway ka na din--Giordano shirts!hehe:)

  14. I SUPER WANNA JOIN THIS... as in donate and try to win! haha can i? :D


  15. @JL - yey that would be awesome babe!=) will post a comment on your blog:)


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