How to burn P1000 ($25) in 2 hours.

Today, I finally decided to get out of the house at around 5pm. I was planning to go to the nearest David's salon to get my nails done before the big weekend. We'll be going to my Aunt's vacation house in Cauayan, Negros Occidental on Saturday. Anyway, I wanted to get my nails done coz you know, chipped nails are not very umm.. pleasant. Since it's just near I rode a jeepney coz it passes in front of the salon. And yes, I still do ride jeepneys. For the record, I can ride jeepneys in 3 layer clothes and 4 inches heels. I'm cowboy like that. HAHA.

For my foreign readers (coz I do think I have some, hee), here's how it looks like in all it's glory:

A few meters away from my destination I suddenly changed my mind. Thought I'd just do it myself to save money. Anyway, I just had my nails done last week. So I skipped the salon and headed straight to the grocery to buy some nail polish. I did bought 3 colors: Touch of Tan, Beige and Lilac. Plus a quick dry top coat. Damage was just P135 ($3). Not bad.

But since I'm in my 3rd happiest place (next to online stores and the mall) I wasn't able to keep myself from buying some more stuffs. So I bought angel hair pasta (for my sun dried pesto mix), laundry soap (since I have tons of clothes to wash), chili garlic sauce (i eat this with everything), ummm that's about it I guess. I really kept myself from grabbing other things since Mich will kill me. Hee. So add another P150 ($4) to the damage.

So I went outside and just kept walking around. Thought I'd buy my favorite donut from Dunkin-- Choco Wacko--which I fondly call Choco Wumbo (came up with that name one day when I forgot what it's called), which is absolutely delicious. I swear. I never get tired of it's taste. Anyway, they don't have it anymore. So sad. So I just opted for the 12 pcs. munchkins (I still love 'em butternut!). Damage was P45.

I kept walking til I saw KFC. I haven't eaten all day, so in I went. Ordered what I always order--3 pcs. wings + rice + mashed potato + Mich's order famous bowl. Yes, I eat a lot. :P I didn't finish all the chicken though! I just took the rest home. Damage was P230 ( $6).

Hungry now? Lol. So I went home after, since I still have to drop something off to my seamstress and get some clothes I had altered too. Then I saw a store selling sunglasses at the side of the road. Decided to try on some. And ended up buying two. Bloody commercialism.

Yes, they're Rayban imitations. I actually considered buying an original one. But with someone as reckless and careless as me, I  guess it's not a very good idea. Maybe someday when I'm responsible enough. Heee. Wallet damage for these 2--P200 ($5).

I then passed by a DVD stand and bought some as well. Hope the dvd police won't see this. If they do, I'm so sorry mam/sir.

Done watching Date Night and it is hilarious! The others are next. If and when I find time. Bought Crimes of Fashion not because of the word fashion but because my favorite Kaley Cuoco (of Big Bang Theory) is there. Patronize. Haha. Wallet damage P150 ($4).

Last stop was my seamstress. Paid P330 ($8) to get the clothes I asked her to alter. Well, they fit perfectly now. Too perfectly I am now keeping some of them again. :D

So, there. That's how easy it is to burn, not spend, burn--a thousand bucks. Wish I'd gone to the salon instead. Boohoo.


  1. horay for grocery nail polish! and that chicken looks really goood! *drools, then gets embarassed*

  2. man, i wish my $25 would go as far as that here in canada.. i miss the cheap thrills there! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. don't get embarassed, i'm drooling too. hhahaha!

    ...and yeah lot of cheap thrills here Sybil!:)

  4. its weekend na sis! :D who knows where those money will go flying again! :D ahhh so many beautiful things in this world! i want some new nail polish palettes toooo :p

  5. i can totally relate. i'm like that sometimes. i tend to spend on things which weren't originally what i intended to buy. when i start strolling then eye something good, i impulsively buy them. that's why i like my boyfriend to accompany me on my trips to the mall so he can be my guardian angel (or guardian devil?LOL) in warning me not to buy things in excess. LOL but it's our happiness right? so i guess we're entitled to little pleasures after we've burned our asses from work. LOL

    and oh btw, i still ride them jeepneys. in my heels too! good thing they have steel bars to hang on to when disembarking. LOL


  6. $25 here in the USA doesn't get you so many things :( your sunnies look real to me! and i break/lose sunglasses often so i don't think i'll be getting real ones anytime soon either :)

  7. Ais, I miss you! ahahaha and your crazy adventures. mwaaahh I'll see you soon ok?

  8. haha, your P1000 actually went far..if you went to the salon, you wouldn't have been able to get 3 nail polish colors...and all the amazing stuff you bought...

    ps. i ♥ dunkin donuts too...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. aww, you're 1000 actually stretched far! i love kfc, i could sit there alone and just eat. cute sunglasses :)


  10. haaaaay, impulsiveness. aren't we all victims? HAHA :)

  11. i love those sunglasses! so cute :)


  12. Nice!That's actually a lot for 1000php.

    Have you watched Crimes of Fashion already? How was it? I'm thinking of watching it too. :)

  13. i ♥ cheap thrills too!!! $3 for 3 bottles of nail polish WOW!


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