Of passion and friends.

Last Saturday I went to Rustans Shangrila to attend the Bobbi Brown make-up workshop by Suesh. It only lasted for an hour but I learned a lot! AND, I finally bought the perfect or should i say--right concealer for me. I also learned that being acidic has a bearing on the make-up we wear! I didn't know that before. Lol. Acidic girls should buy 2 shades lighter (instead of the normal one) because the color tends to wear off easily. So that is why I end up looking like a panda after 3 hours. I forgot the name of the make-up artist who did my eye--but THANK YOU!

So, as usual I ended up buying some stuffs. Haha. Here's my new concealer!

New loots! Happiness.

Creamy concealer kit (shade: Honey) + Spot Corrector (shade: dark bisque)

Love that the concealer comes with a finishing powder!:)

Also passed by Galleria to pick-up my pants from WAGW (What a girl wants).

And I love it! Fits perfectly. Then went to my friend's housewarming party at Town & Country afterwards.

Sneak peek: the 3rd floor!

Thank Tin for the fab book!

Yes, luma-live band! Ahaha!

Mr. and Mrs. Go-Tan

Robinson's friends:)

It's always fun being with my RDS friends. They maybe loud and obnoxious but they're really charming and kind! Haha! Lovely girls. And they're the hardest workers I've ever met.

And, breaking news. I hate my hair. Lol.

Wearing: thrifted sheer floral blazer, fringe top, zara shorts, fringe wedge from teamchi


  1. You're very pretty and the outfit looks so fresh :)

  2. you're fun and you look fabulous!

  3. hey girl,,just bump into ur :) i didn't know that acidic girls need that.. coz I'm acidic.. hahaa.thanks for the info.. i so lovin ur vintage and chic pieces :)



  4. Hello! it's y control from chictopia :)

    make-up lesson!!! so wonderful! and I love the jacket so much!!

  5. wow looks like a fun time your had;) you look gorgeous! ive always wanted to try one of those makeup things:)


  6. Cute blog!

    Sounds like you had a blast!

  7. Thanks ladies! You are all beautiful and wonderful!:) xO

  8. Cute blazer and I loveeeeeee the shoes!!!



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