Late post: Monday Delight

I know I suck at blogging. I don't update my blog everyday. If I don't make an entry that probably means I'm at the apartment--where we always have crappy connection. Hee.

So here's an overdue post.
Had super fun at fashion school last Monday. Got to bond more with my classmates and we took a gazillion photos. It gets more fun every week!

In photos:

And here's my mood board assignments:


The Clash


Went to Megamall after class to meet with Mich and have dinner. And look look look!!!!!

Forever 21's opening soon!!! I can barely wait!:) I really believe that this is the real deal. It's huge. It's the old Cinderella--which was huge. Heeee excited!:)

Also bought a new powder from Loreal, 2 make-up brushes, a new necklace, headband and sheer socks. I go ga-ga buying stuffs when I'm all alone. Sorry Mich.:)

Love the multi-chain necklace. Can't wait to wear it.

Next Monday is market day at school! Yey!


  1. OMG!!!! you're going to have f21 there na!!! unfair!! hahaha!! ever since i migrated here, all the good stores started doing business there.. while im stuck in this small city in canada. booh!!

    anyway, love your jeans! :D


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