Fashion Bum

No, I may not be the best dresser there is. But I do dress according to what I'm feeling or my mood. Most of the time I dress according to the weather. And I dress according to what I own. And I'm proud to say I mostly own thrifted gems. I love my vintage buys because of their durability and their endless style. And yeah--I'm blabbing. Sorry.

Anyway, it was my first day at Fashion School! I had a lot of fun. I was thinking of enrolling in 4 classes, and I started with styling first. I don't know why haha. I'd like to think I more or less know what I'm doing when it comes to styling, but after this day I realized I still have a lot to learn (well, if I wanted to make it in this business, which I'm not sure I want. All I ever wished for is to sell clothes, hee). But I'm super excited. I can't wait for our next class. :)

Oh! And I have a very cool teacher--John Herrera. He's wonderful. And hot. I hope he doesn't read this. Lol.

Here's my very first mood board! Theme is: All Boys School.

And I felt like a prep student again as I went on a school supplies shopping spree (well--it was only for a sketch pad, scissor and glue) at National bookstore. And I bought a lot of magazines. Haha. Babaw. But it's like Polyvore in real life! :P Fun.

Anyway, here's what I wore to school! The sun was blazin' again and the heat super unbearable. Even the comfiest outfit won't do under this unforgiving ball of fire.

Wearing: thrifted blazer, vintage stripes shirt, Forever 21 shorts,
belt from my sister, Cotton on flats, Liz Claiborne bag.

Can't wait for our next class! Such a fun way to kill time.

Oh, and for my fellow Pinoys. In light of the coming national elections, I hope you're all brave and smart enough to vote for the right candidate. Don't vote because of popularity, or don't follow lead. Don't vote for someone just because your congregation tells you so. Remember--you're voting for your future and your children or future children's future. God Bless us all. :)


  1. love yer blog. i always overshop too..

  2. I just adore the shorts and blazer combination, you look fierce! Your classes sound like fun, I graduated from fashion school and loved going to class. It's so nice to actually enjoy what you are doing.

  3. cute outfit pax! it's really so hot noh? what fashion school do you go to?

  4. Oo nga Kookie super!!! At least it's raining na nga kahit konti.

    I go to Fashion Institure of the Philippines. Gusto io SoFa naman next hehe.

    Thanks for your comment babe!:)

  5. @Karl - I know you love thrift shops. There always nice finds in thrift shops here in Marikina! There are many just after Marikina bridge. :) People here don't thrift shop that much kc kaya madaming magaganda unlike sa Cubao. :) Shop here sometime!

  6. @Thanks Megg! That explains your fierceness! Do you sew and design your clothes? I love them and I love all of them on you. :)

  7. Those shorts are just do chic with the blazer! I love you style! <3



  8. Ok Ok.. I have so many things I have to say hahaha!

    First, I can totally relate with you about dressing up according to how I feel =)

    Second, that is a cute outfit by the way, that's something that I would wear too!

    Third, that's great that you're going to Fashion school, must be so much fun! <3

    Fourth, OMG I miss National Bookstore?!?!! It's been years since I came home but I will soon and I'll definitely drop by my favorite bookstore haha =)

    Fifth, thanks for following my blog. You rock!

    That's it for now haha don't want to flood your page with my comments. Have a great weekend!

  9. @Rachel - thanks for dropping by. I'll go visit your space:)

    @Jill - thanks babe!!!:) National Bookstore is still same-same. Love it:)

  10. Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" Sunday post! Hope it's okay :]

  11. Hi Amanda! Thanks for passing by and I appreciate you tagging me!:) Thanks much:) xo

  12. Hey, I love love love your blazer! Nice outfit!

  13. how much is the tuition in FIT? and where is the school located? i'm also thinking of going to fashion school just to know the basics of dressmaking.

  14. It's just in Ortigas, One san miguel bldg.:) You might like SoFa more coz it's just in Makati baka near your office:)

    You can check out FIP's rates and courses here:


    Ako din nga naiinpsire nako to learn sewing or dressmaking. Go na babe!

  15. Wow your classes sound like fun! I'm in the middle of going to fashion school or art school. :S really scary cus I need to make the right decision.
    I love shopping for stationary! I can spend hours buying whatever, just like me in a vintage store
    I love your outfit hun
    follow me?

  16. Thanks Bub! Will check out your blog:)

  17. cool shorts, are they leather?


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