Fashion School Day 2.

I had super fun at fashion school today. :) I can't wait for Monday again! Heee.

Sharing with you my mood boards:

Given Theme: Fairytale/Folklore
My inspiration: Ice Queen.

Given theme: None
My inspiration: Mental goes Black.

Given theme: Monochromatic/One color look
My inspiration: Orange-- Summer Lovin'

We also identified lots of body types and how to dress them the right way. I learned a lot!

And here's one of our fun moments...

My lovely classmates and my amazing teacher John Herrera (at the middle).

I was super tired 'coz I only had 4 hours of sleep but it was worth it. Lots of chismis! Haha. And to reward myself, I bought my peepers a treat:

Yes, it's a little expensive (for P900) but I'm willing to try ANYTHING just to reduce my dark under eye circles! Oh, it's such a curse. :P

I'll update you soon of it's effectiveness (I still love Garnier though). *Fingers crossed*


  1. how coool! I just finished a fashion forcasting class this semester, and we did the same, it was so fun! we did to mood board projects but in digital format. I could seriously just do that for fun all day!!
    found you blog through Chictopia.

    from LA CAtrina de LA mOda

  2. i agree it's lots of fun!!:) thanks for dropping by Ari!:)


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