Breaking up is hard to do.

No, I didn't break up with anyone. Lol. Just couldn't think of any cute blog titles. So last Saturday, I went to the meat shop at Katipunan with my bestfriend Catch, my cousin Kang (and her bf) and Mich. Even though I had a throbbing head that night it was still ultra fun. :) Nothing beats a good night of catching up. :) Didn't bring our camera so I wasn't able to take photos. Blech.

The next day, Sunday, I went home to Marikina to meet with my sister about our upcoming business venture! Had a meeting with our seamstress too. :) So excited. Of course, our Sunday won't be complete without a visit to our local cafe, Quizia. :)

Wearing: Mango top, zara shorts, local sandals, Versace bag, fedora, owl necklace.


  1. love your sexy laidback look. and can i just say, i am in love with your bag!


  2. Thanks babe! And what have you been up to? You've been MIA. :) Missed your posts!:)

  3. love your back dear
    come follow me?

  4. You have great style. L<3VE! Just wish your pics were a little bigger. I say that with as little criticism as possible :P

  5. Ais I love the sandals! Where did you get it? I need one right now! ehehe


  6. Dude! binenta lang ng friend ko yan sakin. Local lang yan Auztralian daw!:)


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