How I spent my weekend.

...yes you're right. Shopping. Argh.

Since I work from home and I really don't go anywhere during weekdays. I just shop online. There's something about online shopping that's sooo addicting.

Here are my new buys:

from Daintyshop

patchwork bag from Cposhshop

Lovin' this fringe wedge from Teamchi!

And I can't wait for my nautical blazer from Ebay. :)

Nice contacts from Rockandglamour. I look different! Such big lens. Lol.

Now I feel guilty again. Haha. And I'm still checking out some online stores to buy from. Tsk. I'm eyeing on some lace up boots from Ebay and urbanog.com.

That's on my list for next week. Haha. :)

What have you been buying?

P.S. Got some lovely new stocks for Archive. I'm excited!!! Watch out next week!


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