Under the summer skies

Here's how our previous (and this year's last) trip to Boracay went. I'll let the photos (with some captions) do the story telling.

1) We saw Hale + the singer from Mayonnaise at the airport. But out of pride we ended up with no autograph or picture! Boo.
Got some stolen shots though. I encircled them for you! Lol.

2.) We went gaga over Chori burger + grilled everything! Plus, our favorite Jonah's milkshake.

3.) Beautiful sunset. :)

4.) ATV! I can do this the wholeee day. :)

5.) Buy 1 take 1 cocktails from Hawaiian BBQ! Love them frozen strawberry margarita. :)

6.) With matching firedancers in the background. But nothing beats the firedancers at Bamboo Lounge!

7.) Our free breakfast at Tibraz is superb!

8. ) I finally got to Parasail!!! :) It was worth the spend.

9.) Pasalubong shopping at D'Talipapa! Bought this hat for P80. :)

10.) Seafood fiesta at D'Talipapa! Finally got to eat lobster. It just tastes like crab. Haha. :)

11.) And again, Helmet diving/Reef Walking for P550! (Ask me my contact person)

12.) Nothing beats Don Vito's gelatos! It's quite far from station 1 but definitely worth the walk. :) 2 scoops for only P100! I loved my daily dose of bubblegum! Yum. Now just looking at the photo below--I die.

13.) A little over midnight snack by the shore. Bellisimo. :)

14. ) Our favorite hangout place: Bamboo Lounge. They have the coziest seats, best firedancers and it's my first shisha try!

Second favorite hangout place: Bomboms!

15.) Our stay here was close to perfect--not until the dreaded pick-up sched mishap. I still loved our room anyway (with balcony!). Conveniently located at Station 1-beachfront and just beside Starbucks!

16.) Lunch at Smoke--where meals are affordable AND yummy. Located at D'mall.

17.) Don't forget to take some souvenir shots here!

18.) And that's Kuya Jojo. Our very friendly and cheap activities/tour guide. He's the best! PM me for his number!:)

Now... let's love-love!:)


  1. wow i wanna go back to boracay! basing on your pictures, you guys surely did have a lot of fun. i'm glad you enjoyed ATV so much. me i kinda crashed thrice on our way to mt. luho. i'm a terrible driver. lol

    love your colorful wayfarers!!


  2. thanks babe! i also love the beaches in Cebu! I'll let you know when I'm going there so we could probably meet up:)


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