MIA again

I've been MIA again lately. Been very busy running around, doing things and going to places. I miss blogging. I just came back from 2 Boracay trips for 2 consecutive weekends. I finally tried Parasailing! It's worth the spend. And I had fun with my family and friends. But for now I would temporarily bid Boracay goodbye. I will never set foot in Boracay again--for this year at least. Sayonara. I still have an upcoming trip which I'm totally psyched about. :)

Anyway, I'm still drowning in my "to resign or not to resign" dilemma. Mich finally gave me an ultimatum. Save at least P20K and I can finally pass that saving grace I call resignation letter. I'm just so tired. I don't know why. Or maybe bored? I dunno. All I know is that I want to do something bigger now. Better maybe? But definitely bigger.
So help me God? :)

Argh. I'm tired. But I can't stop now can't I?

I need another vacation. Stat.

* Catch, I miss you...:c And for whatever it's worth--I want you to know I'm so haaaappy (as in my heart is bursting with joy and psyched) that things are finally falling into place for you. I'm here for you. ALWAYS. Whatever it is you want to do and pursue I'll back you up. And when you feel lost or high--just think of our tree house days and beautiful childhood. :) Love you and see you soon!:)*

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