Wedding Venue Hopping

So my sister's getting married this December. Older sisters seem to have an inevitable power over the younger ones. They could give you a mountain of tasks to do and all you could ever do is say, "Okay!". Haha. Seriously, I think I'm even more excited than she is. I spent one whole Saturday just searching for possible venues online. So the next weekend she decided to check out some of the places, and I had to go with her. I was happy to oblige. :) Our first stop was Renaissance Hotel. It was the 1st on her list. Unfortunately, the event's place coordinator was out for lunch. So we just took a photo instead.

And that's me telling the guards to fuck off. Bawal magpicture? Baket Discovery ba to? or Manila Pen? Anywaaaay.

After stopping by Greenhills to eat lunch, we then proceeded to our next destination--Lemuria.
It's my sister's favorite among the rest. So she had high hopes. Well, the place was amazing. We love the country-ish homey feel to it. Only problem is--it's too small. It can only accommodate 40 people. A hundred could fit but the guests wouldn't be in the same room. And it's a little pricey for her.

The gate. Looks like a country home. Love.

The soon to be bride and groom fooling around.

Going upstairs to the main dining room.

Super nice table setting. Feeling likes I'm in an old winery.

The 2nd and bigger dining hall downstairs.

The hostess was very gracious and nice I'd probably go reserve a seat or two for their Valentine's day event! A masquerade ball!:)

Lemuria is located at Horseshoe Village, Q.C.

Our next stop---
OASIS. It's located along Aurora Blvd. So it's very accessible. When we checked out the place there was a wedding taking place. And for us to enter their admin office we had to brush shoulders with the wedding's visitors, entourage, etc. Minus pogi points for me. I wouldn't want that for my sister's wedding. Coz if it were up to me I'd want it to be as solemn and private as possible. And I didn't really feel that vibe in Oasis. It was so chaotic (sorry). Non-wedding guests were coming in and out of the venue. We were even permitted to check out the reception venue with the guests there! I felt a little queasy coz I wouldn't want any stranger going in and out of my sister's reception. But that's me.

Their bridal hall. Looks like an office building to me.

The lounge.

View of the wedding taking place from the 2nd floor.

As soon as we got back to the car we crossed that place out of our list. Sorry. :) Next stop-- Plaza Ibarra. It's located along Timog Avenue, Q.C.

I have passed by this place a million times but it's the 1st time I ever got a glimpse of what's actually inside. The guy who accommodated us was very nice as well. He even showed us the function hall while an event (a wedding and a debut) was taking place. But unlike Oasis, we were only taking a peek-see behind a door. :) We love the setting.

Our last stop for that night--Annabel's. It's a nice romantic cozy restaurant which offers International dishes. And who would have thought there's a big garden inside which is just perfect for weddings?:) And the best part is the price! It's the cheapest among the 4 places.

Looks creepy.

I felt extremely exhausted after (plus the fact that we haven't slept since the night before). But I had a lot of fun being part of my sister's journey to a new life. :) She still has a lot of places on her list. And I now have to go and work on the other tasks she dumped on me. Very willingly. :)



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