Okay, one down.

Off of my goals for 2010. I now have a laptop! Yipee! Here's my (and Mich's) new baby...

Dell Inspiron. I will be getting a laptop skin for her! (Yes, I anoint it as a she)

I love my zebra print mouse. So fasyon! (P150 from cdr king)

And what can be cooler than a transparent/clear laptop cooler? (P250 from cdr king)

That's me testing the unit at Accent Micro

And we bought it for 30% less than it's normal price! Thank God for warehouse sales! Now, I could bring back my ebay store and not worry about unchecked mails or orders. Yey! We got so hungry after so we decided to eat at the nearest cafe/resto--Fuzion!

Mich loves her Mango whatever smoothie and grilled bangus belly. And I loved my Papaya Calamansi smoothie, ceasar salad, and arroz ala cubana. The serving is huge. And food is delicious.

So there. Run to the nearest Accent Micro and take advantage of their warehouse sale. It would run until their supplies last. So go na!

Peace out.

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