Taste Test: EAT & GO

Last Saturday, we left the christening party for a few hours to go to Megamall. Before starting on our shopping quest we first looked for someplace to eat. We ended up at the Atrium. We were not super hungry nor full-- so we decided to give Eat & Go a try.

I forgot the exact names of what we ordered but here they are:

Mich ordered hot tea, I ordered their mixed berries smoothie.

Gambas --- this is very addicting.

Spaghetti with olive oil and Italian sausage.

Ceasar Salad

This is me very happy. :)

But Mich is happier coz I finished all our food!

Anyway, the food is delish! My expectations weren't even high. They serve the food fast and the servers are nice. The flavors are so rich it really tickled our tastebuds. As Mcarthur said--"I shall return!". Sooner than soon! :D

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  1. sarap no? hmm.. so lunch date there? or sa pag balik ko nalang galing cebu? ehehe


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