Santa's Secret Store

And it's not even in the North Pole!!! It's just here in 15 th avenue, Murphy Cubao! Hehe. Actually it's a huge store (mala 168) . They have a LOT of items-- footwears, acessories, housewares, appliances. You name it. And the best thing is pampalengkeng (market) price talaga!

Mich and I went inside planning to buy just 1 pair of flipflops (for our Thunderbird trip). But we ended up buying these stuffs:

1.) Crocs black flipflops - P57 each (super cheap! it might be a knock-off but it's uber comfy)
2.) 2 bath towels - P138 each (the fabric is unbelievably thick and soft!)
3.) 3 pairs of socks - P45 per bundle
4.) 1 black and 1 white underwear - P15 each (it's even cheaper than those found in tiangges!)

5.) 3 rayban sunglasses - P48 each (super cheap! This is sold for P100 in tiangges)

... we paid P700 for everything which I'm pretty sure would reach P1500 if in SM. We're planning of going back there again--soon. We saw a very cute wall clock for just P140 (too bad we didn't take a photo).

That's all--you could even do your Christmas shopping there.
Gow! :)

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