List Making

It's funny how after I've crossed out everything on my (shopping or whatever) wishlist, I come up with a new one just a day after.

In my previous list (and in my previous entries) I told you about my quest in finding the perfect ballet flats. 3 black and 2 red flats after, I finally crossed 'em out of my list. My list includes-- nice printed short skirts, tanktops (in black, gray and white), nice pair of jeans, motorcycle jacket, military jacket, basic color blazers, cardigans, etc. etc. Now I got everything.

..including a new list.

1.) Tanktops - in colors other than black, gray and white.
2.) Military jacket - a nice black one with gold details
3.) More skirts
4.) Patterned tights/stocking
5.) Booties

6.) Swimsuit
7.) Cover-ups
8.) One-shoulder dress
9.) Blazers - in pink and peach or another gray
10.) Mesh gladiator heels (i already have my eyes on a black one and a tan one in Cinderella)

I have a feeling I'd be finishing off all of my 13th month pay. Haha. But I'd rather write a wishlist than a list of New Year's resolution. Resolutions ain't fun. :P

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