Excitement Overload

Forever21 (the real one, lol) and H&M's opening here in Manila! Sooo excited! No more ordering online and expensive shipping fees. Yey!

I just wish they'd bring in other brands as well. My top choices are American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and J.Crew. Can you bring in Target too? Haha.

What brands would you want to see here?:)
Maybe offer coupons?


  1. whaaatttt??!! are you serious?? yessss f21 and h&M!!!! :) do you know when and where they're opening? :)

  2. yuuuuup! i know! i can't hide my excitement! im not sure when and where pa-i just read it on chuvaness.com. :) But i'm hoping sana next year na para happy 2010!:)


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