Christmas Hustle and Hassle

The thing I hate most about this season is 1) the Traffic and 2) Scarcity of cabs (and how annoyingly insensitive taxi drivers can be). And I got to experience all of that yesterday when I went to Greenhills. Instead of a 10 minutes trip from our apartment it took us about an hour to get there. And no we were not in a cab we did it by walking. I was complaining the whole time and I got into my once in a blue moon tantrum mode. I have no sleep, I was tired, hungry and sweating to death. SO yeah--I was extremely annoyed. I guess everyone got their 13th month yesterday? Everyone's shopping!

So anyway, before we enter the Greenhills parking area--we passed by C2 resto first to eat lunch. A super late lunch. Here's what we feasted on:

Ribs kaldereta

3 ensalada (green mango w/ shrimp paste + honey, romaine lettuce with cheese & potato strips, turnip + cucumber w/ pomelo & vinaigrette)

I especially love their pandan iced tea and sinigang soup. After eating, I felt a little more upbeat. I was back into shopping shape. We first went to Central Mall to look for Godeng Mina (a technician) to get our Olympus tough 6000 fixed. He said we'd have t0 wait for 2 hours--so we looked around while waiting. After almost 3 hours here's what I came back with:

Shoe Gallery black flats (fits perfectly! and it's suede), zebra print highwaist skirt, roxy leopard print beach shorts (with cute charm on back pocket), white blazer with striped sleeve cuffs, multi-strand necklace (not in photo), neon pink nail polish (not in photo but I absolutely love!), black leotards

After picking-up our camera again we then headed home. I love Christmas shopping (minus the hassles).


  1. OMG---i LOVELOVELOVE your zebra highwaisted skirt! and i'm so jealous that you found a cute pair of black flats. i'm still looking for one! hehe :)

    ps. all that food is making me hungry! i better eat breakfast now. :)

    alexa ♥

  2. haha and I still have a hang-over from your zebra print blazer! :)

    Happy breakfast dear!:D

  3. cute shoes! I love your blog, come to my blog is you wat:D

    XXfrom spain

  4. Thanks for passing by! Will visit your blog :D


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