Blah Blahs

1. Mich and I are now officially Cubao residents. And we love our new apartment in 14th avenue--even though it's tiny. We've been buying stuffs for our place and now I'm addicted to buying housewares. Argh. Yesterday we went shopping at Daiso (coz Saizen's far--heehee) and I wanted to put everything in our shopping basket. It's very addicting. A stranger even agreed with me! And if Mich wasn't there I would have bought 5 door mats. Haha. We still need a carpet for our Japanese style dining area (which is just beside our bed--told you it's tiny). I'll post some pictures soon!

2. Since we're now near--walking distance near-- shopping malls I found out I can drain my wallet in a day. Waah. Yesterday we ate our lunch at SM and I ended up buying 2 pants. After a long litany on how hard it is for me to find a pair of perfect fitting pants and how much I deserve new ones--Mich gave in and just nodded in support. Haha. Anyway, I love my new jeans. The fit and design is awesome. Anti-fit rocks. It's super worth it.

3. I have a plane ticket to Palawan for June. Problem is no one's coming with me. Haha! Mich tried to book us a ticket to Puerto Princesa thru Cebu Pac's 0 fare. She tried to book one ticket at a time coz when she tries booking for 2 the promo fare disappears. Thinking it's just a system glitch she booked me a ticket first. And it just costed P97! Anyway, she was not able to book for herself coz the rates sky rocketed after. Oh well, better luck next time. Hehe.

4. But we were able to book a flight to Boracay for Feb! And my whole family's coming too. :) Another family bonding soon. Can't wait:)

5. Prior to that we already booked a flight to Boracay for Jan 30. This time we'll be with my St. Scho and Miriam friends. Saya lang. I need to hoard on swimsuits! Thank God for promo fares. :) (to PAL: sana dalasan nio pa promo fares niyo.)

6. Our much awaited long weekend is finally here! Sa wakas nagka holiday din kaming d normal na tao. Happy thanksgiving!

7. Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Aiza! Alam mo na wish ko for you. Yung wish mo din. :P


  1. the purple one looks nice on you.. :)

  2. Thanks dude! salamat sa painom din. :)



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