I've started restricting myself to chewing all of my lip off. As a remedy, I asked Mich to remind me to re-apply lipgloss every 30 minutes (or less). She also asked me not to wet my lips with coke, water or even my own saliva. It's freakin' haaaard. I've been chewing on my lips since way back college! That's why I never really got to experience finishing one whole lipstick or appreciate those thick lip gloss/shimmer that my sister absolutely love. I'm into super light lip balm/gloss and lip tint. So--it's really an effort on my side, aside from my nail biting which I have quite improved on. Well, that's because Mich cuts my nail every week! Or anytime she feels threatened by my nails. Haha. I always scratch her (it bleeds sometimes, wawa) whenever we goof around.

So I promise to try my best on breaking all my bad habits. Including my best depiction of our all time favorite--MaƱana Habit. Still have to go to Comelec to renew my voter's whatever. 4 days to go until deadline!

Argh. Kakatamad. Pwede bukas nalang?

P.S. I have a new military inspired skirt I thrifted and a new pair of black wedge that is the bomb. I'd show it on my next post! :P

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