I want a Digital Perm

I have always wanted to perm my hair. I tried it once-- in Going Straight. Haha oo na funny db? Perm nga eh tas Going Straight. The result was slightly horrifying but surprisingly bearable. Heehee. Cold perm kc eh so the curls were tinsy weensy not big and bouncy, what I really wanted sana. Officemates said my hair looked magulo lang. Hahaha. After that, I never had my hair permed again. I hate my hair.Everytime I rant about my super straight crown my friends would say "Ang ganda nga eh!" or somethng to that effect. But I really really hate my hair. It's thin, flat, lifeless (for me) buti nalang may bangs ako. Haha. So recently I decided to reconsider my "no to perm" ode. I'd give it another try.

I asked a fellow chictopian, Raleene, how and where she had her awesome curls made, she said she had a digital perm in a salon in Cebu. Bummer. So I have to go to Cebu pa hehe. So I googled away searching for the perfect salon in Manila where I could get my hair permed. I found that Davids, Ricky Reyes (i knooooow), Azta and Tony & Jackey offers that kind of service. I was reading reviews also. I think I'm going for Tony & Jackeys nalang. It's a korean salon and I read that they're expert on digital perms. It's a bit pricey but keri na din kesa masira hair ko. I'll visit Azta na din baka cheaper dun. Hehe. So now, I have to grow my hair a little longer pa and save up.

Just imagining how my life would be without hair worries already excites me. Wash and wear here I come!:P

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