It's what I'm planning to name my first designing venture. I'm planning to design and sell my own line of skirts! Ive been loving skirts lately and I can't seem to find nice skirts in malls. I want to shop at F21 but the shipping fee would kill me. So--I decided to just produce my own. I'm actually excited coz I've never done this before. I sell clothes in ebay but those are unique pieces I just thrifted. This weekend I will be scouting for textile shops. Weeeeeeee. I have also found the perfect army of seamstress. I will be doing a trial set first (of course all pieces would go straight to my closet, haha). If everything turns out perfect then I will start producing my 1st collection. It will be 2 pcs. only per style. Hope everything turns out well. :) All will be up for auction in my ebay store.

Here's my inspiration or how the skirts will probably look like:

My skirts are going to be very versatile, easy to wear, and will look great with any top. They are fun, flirty and sexy! Well, I wish they turn out that way. Fingers crossed!:)

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