A Tribute to the Father and Mother of Democracy

... you may have spent hours and days watching news about Cory but here are old school videos I hope they never forgot or will never forget.

Watch Ninoy's famous speech in Los Angeles HERE or click on the link below:

Some of my fave lines:

He was talking about Marcos' announcement of Martial Law lifting which was only a cruel deception.

"3 years before Martial Law was lifted ALLEGED in the Phils. Mr. Marcos signed into a law Presidential Decree no. 1737. I did not know about this law until Senator Tanada came to me in Boston. And gave me this law (holding the bill). And when I saw the number I was stunned! And I had cold chills on my back. It was Presidential Decree no. 1737 and this is exactly the address of my office in Harvard, 1737 Cambridge Street. Ako po'y ninerbiyos! Hayup kako sa sa dami ng numerong kumbinasyon ito pa tinamaan ng sweepstakes! Hindi ko man malaman kung sinadya ito sa Maynila pero itoy d nagpatulog sakin ng isang linggo!".

... his speech was inspiring and quite hilarious. A satire at it's best. I'll post more videos. I'm still watching his whole speech! All 9 parts!

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