I ♥ BookSale

I spend more or less P500 every month just for books. Books are definitely on my things-that-make-me-happy list. So every month I visit BookSale (Megamall branch usually). I LOVE THIS STORE. It makes me feel like a little child in the toy store.

Here's our last Book Sale trip:

...that's Mich checking out some books. And check out the little girl below. So cute. :) Might as well start reading early. Coz knowledge is power! And knowledge is best derived from reading books! (What??!!!) Hahahaha!

... I went home with 3 books: 1 about girlfriends, 1 about fashion and 1 choose your own adventure. I still have a Dean Koontz and Anne Rice waiting to be read. But seriously, Choose your Own Adventure? Remember that book you used to love when you were a kid? Nostalgic. :)

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