This Shit is Bananas!!!

Today, more than half of our sales force was retrenched. Company decided to axe 'em coz the ratio of manpower to leads (or new customers) is not realistically equal. So they say. This is the nth time they axed their workforce. Each time promises are made (that still end up broken), parties thrown and the few men standing instead of swimming in relief feels otherwise (oh yeah we're drowning). I am ready to go anytime. I've said that exactly a year ago since the 2nd retrenchment. BUT, I'm still here. One of us was also axed. And she left with a huge smile on her face (she was offered more than what she expected!). And we, the ones who were left behind, can't help but feel jealous and a lil trapped. I'd trade places with her anytime! I want moolah! Haha. Don't get me wrong I love my job BUT I really can't stand the way some people manage others. My superior asked me what people honestly think about what just happened, if we're okay etc. etc. And since I've always been vocal about things I thought why should I sugarcoat my answer just to make others feel better or less guilty. So I told him this:

"That people are okay, they're just thankful they are not the ones leaving. BUT in general?
Worried a little. Coz they dont know how its all gonna end or turn out. But i think it wont stop them from working or completing their tasks".

He never replied again after that. Oh well. I'll keep on waiting for my time to come. I just wish by then they won't file for bankruptcy-- 'coz that would totally suck.

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