So last Saturday before going to 6th for JD's bday Michelle and I went around Megamall first. Our supposed to be window shopping turned to little purchases. Here are my loots:

1) Yellow belt (from SM) - P129.75
2) Bag Organizer (from SM) - P129.75 (very very handy!)
3) Garnier lightening face wash
4) Body Recipe Papaya Body Scrub (for my siko!!!) - P180
5) Fanny Serrano eyelash curler - P175

I promised myself I won't be buying things anymore, since I only have 1 week to save more shopping money for Thailand! Argh. Sucks. But then here's my new flipflops from PRP (it's on sale! P99!). And a dress I really wanted (sighs).

So anyway, Mich rewarded her boredom of going in and out of girly stores with me by some self-pampering (lucky me kasali ako! haha). We went to Foot for the Gods. We waited 30 mins before we were served. You'll be surprised as to the amount of people who's willing to spend hundreds or thousands just to de-stress! Almost all beauty centers are full! So there, I had my foot spa and Mich had her foot reflexology. It was alright but not really worth it for P420. Especially after when Mich started teasing me that I have a crush on his masseuse! Yaaaak! Sabi ko lang naman hawig ni Piolo pero mas chaka ng 5x! And as always, nastress ako sa massage na naman. Haha. Next time we'd like to try Red Bamboo Spa at Riverbanks.

Oh, stress!

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